So That Happened: #TotalDivas 05/11/14 Recap


Nikki Bella is at her house when she calls Brie to see what she’s up to. Brie is eating a burger that Bryan made for her. Nikki Bella starts using he espresso machine, until she gets a knock at the door. Nikki opens the door and receives a package from the delivery man. After venting about the “popcorn stuff” that comes in packages, Nikki takes out her gift.

After reading a loving note about herself and John Cena from Natalya, Nikki opens the gift and sees its a painting made by Natalya.


Nikki Bella thinks the painting is sweet, but Brie says “sweet means ugly.” Nikki thinks she’s wearing a diaper in the painting and that she has a dick for an elbow.

Vinnie and Ariane are driving around listening to Cam’ron’s album, “Bye Bye.” Cam’ron is happy to have a single’s release party and wants to get some publicity for the party. Cam’ron wants to hit up areas with paparazzi. Vinnie says he’ll pretend to be paparazzi for her.

Cam’ron plays the instrumental version of her song and wants Vinnie to sing along with it. Vinnie tries singing it, but Cam’ron wants him to get on key. Cam’ron tries to teach him how to sing it the right way. Vinnie thinks his version isn’t good.

Back at Nikki Bella’s place, Brie and Nikki are trying to find a place for Natalya’s painting since she wants to come by. Nikki takes the painting out of the closet and puts it up, but vows that this painting will only be up when Natalya’s in her house. Brie talks about the things they do not to hurt people’s feelings. Nikki agrees that they are the worst.

Nikki Bella tries to get Brie to give her a foot massage Natalya arrives. After complimenting Natalya’s looks, Nikki gives Natalys the grand tour of her and John’s house. Nikki Bella shows Natalya where the painting is and Natalya loves it.

Natalya asks. Natalya says that being able to give Nikki Bella and John Cena something else that no one else can give them means so much to her. Brie Bella says that Nattie’s painting was “sweet.”

Back in Los Angeles, Cam’ron and Vinnie are walking down Robertson looking for paparazzi until they realize, they left Cam’ron’s dog Glitty, in the car. Vinnie and Cam’ron go back to get Glitty.

Cam’ron and Vinnie spot paparazzi, but don’t get anything right away. Vinnie stresses Cam’ron to take her time, but Cam’ron doesn’t have time to be patient. A few minutes later, Cam’ron finally gets her paparazzi shots.

Back in the wrestling ring, Naomi has a successful outing against Tamina Snuka.

Backstage, Eva Marie and Summer Rae are told that Mark Carrano wants to see them. Brie Bella jokes that they’re in trouble for doing “naughty things. In Mark’s office, Mark informs Summer Rae and Eva Marie that they want to make the two of them a tag team, since Summer has skills and Eva has star power. Mark wants Summer and Eva to come up with ideas, color schemes, etc. Summer and Eva Marie love the idea. Especially Eva Marie since she’s so new and she’s getting this opportunity.

Both Summer Rae and Eva Mare happy for this opportunity. Summer thinks she and Eva should work out in the ring and see what they can do as a team.

Eva Marie informs Brie Bella about the plans to make her and Summer Rae a tag team. Brie Bella tells Eva to be careful, since Summer Rae is all for herself and she might try to use Eva. Brie thinks Summer might try to bury Eva alive, but Eva is hoping for the best.

At the gym, Smmer Rae meets Eva Marie in the ring. Summer and Eva practice wrestling moves, like kicking out and rear-naked choking. After training together, Summer Rae thinks she and Eva Marie can polish the basics and work well together.

Later, Cam’ron and Vinnie are eating. Cam’ron regurgitates food into Vinnie’s mouth. Or at least that’s what it looked like. It was disgusting.

Cam’ron looks through her phone to see if her paparazzi photos have shown up, but none are online. Vinnie is shocked since Cam’ron is famous and he’s the “Armenian David Beckham.”

Cam’ron notices that Kim Kardashian was at the same place she was, and thinks that’s why no one used her photos. Vinnie tells her that there’s always next time.

At Natalya’s place, Natalya is working on another painting for Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.


Tyson Kidd walks up and sees the painting. Tyson jokes that this is the most groomed he’s seen Bryan in years.

Natalya tells Tyson Kidd that this is the gift for Brie and Bryan’s wedding. Tyson Kidd thinks they should get a vegan blender instead. Natalya asks if Tyson likes the painting, and Tyson jokes if she wants his honest opinion. Natalya likes it regardless of Tyson’s opinion.

Meanwhile, Cam’ron decides to meet her good friend, Ray-J, at the gym. Cam’ron and Ray-J talk about their gym plans as paparazzi takes pictures.

Ray-J and Cam’ron continue their workout at the gym, as paparazzi continues to take photos. Cam’ron takes advantage of this by wearing Ray-J’s hat, sitting on Ray-J’s back while he does a push-up, doing pull-ups with Ray-J holding her and wrestling with Ray-J.

Cam’ron and Ray-J work with Jeremy Jackson, Ray-J’s MMA instructor. Jeremy teaches Cam’ron some MMA holds, which Cam’ron uses on Ray-J in an attempt to get more photos.

After the workout, Paparazzi asks Ray-J and Cam’ron how the workout went. Cam’ron’s plan worked perfectly.

Meanwhile, Eva Marie and Summer Rae are training in the ring. Eva Marie’s training isn’t going as well as Summer Rae had hoped.


Eva Marie goes for the camel clutch, but doesn’t remember how to do it. Summer Rae is getting frustrated that Eva Marie hasn’t practiced her moves.

Summer Rae asks Eva Marie if she’s trained with the trainers, but Eva Marie says that her schedule has been very busy lately and doesn’t get a lot of time to train due to being on the road. Summer Rae tells Eva that this is RAW and live TV, and although she’s not nitpicking, things need to be perfect because this might be their one chance. Eva Marie is upset because she’s trying, but Summer thinks she’s not trying hard enough.

At the airport, Natalya picks up her painting. Tyson volunteers to take all of the bags since he wants no part of this painting. After struggling to get her painting to Natalya, Natalya finally gets the painting on the car.

Eva Marie dressed in her ring gear, goes to meet Ms. Sandra.

Ms. Sandra is not a fan of Eva Marie’s shorts. Sandra thinks it’s too much booty and “Miss Lucy” is hanging all the way out. Eva Marie likes her outfit, then jokes that Ms. Sandra wants a piece of Miss Lucy. Sandra says if Eva Marie talks to her like that again, that will be the last outfit made for her.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd get their rental car, but it is a compact size, despite her booking a full size.

After struggling to get the painting inside the car, Natalya uses leggings, nylon stockings and tape to tie the painting to the top of the car. Tyson Kidd thinks they look stupid and that cars are looking at them. Natalya tells Tyson to stop, then compares herself to MacGuiver due to the way she got the painting on top of the car.

Natalya’s painting falls off the car and on the side on the side of the road.


Natalya tries to salvage the painting, while Tyson Kidd is nonchalant about helping getting the painting back in the car. Natalya ends up getting the painting back on top of the car and they continue to drive to the arena.

At RAW, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are talking about height. Brie says she’s taller than Bryan, but Bryan jokes it’s because of her high heels. If Bryan says if she wore moccasins, she would look just as cute in those and wouldn’t be that tall.

Natalya shows up to RAW with the painting and gives Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella their wedding president.


Natalya says that the frame was from Ecuador, which Daniel Bryan seems to be impressed with. Natalya says when they see this photo, they will always think of herself, Tyson and Louie. Bryan and Brie pretend to enjoy the gift until Natalya leaves.

After Natalya leaves, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella joke about how horrible the painting looks. Bryan says the painting makes him look like he has testicles for a nose.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are appreciative of the gift, but wonder about what they’re going to do with this painting in this house. Bryan wonders how they are going to bring the painting home, then puts the painting box on top of his head, joking that he’s got a “sack of balls on his nose.”

Backstage, Summer Rae tells Fandango that tonight is her big test run with Eva Marie as a tag partner, but is concerned because since she and Eva Marie haven’t had time to practice. Summer vents about her frustrations with Eva Marie and is worried that Eva will make her look bad.

Later, Summer Rae talks to Mark Carrano about Eva Marie. Summer is excited, but vents to Mark about her issues with Eva Marie retaining the things she learned. Mark asks Summer Rae if she has any other options, and Summer mentions that she teamed with Tamina on the House Show Circuit. Mark ends up making the match The Bella Twins and Natalya vs. Summer Rae, Eva Marie and Tamina.

During the match, Summer Rae and Tamina keep tagging each other and not Eva Marie. Eva Marie is starting to get pissed off that Summer Rae has been cutting her off and not tagging her in.

Post-Match, Eva Marie is pissed off and asks Summer Rae why she didn’t tag her.


Summer Rae says that she and Tamina were practicing all weekend. Eva Marie brings up the fact that she practiced with Summer Rae as well, but Summer didn’t think Eva was ready.

Eva Marie vents to Cam’ron about not being tagged in. Brie Bella asks Summer Rae what happened, and Summer tells Brie that Eva Marie sucks and doesn’t think she’s ready. Summer wanted to work with Tamina because they have chemistry and she didn’t want to look bad. Brie says all she can focused on was the awkwardness between Summer Rae and Eva Marie.

Eva Marie continues to vent to Cam’ron when Tamina walks up. Tamina asks Eva Marie why she didn’t tag, and Eva Marie says it’s because Summer Rae kept stepping on her toes and tagging herself in. Tamina tells Eva that she needs to stand up for herself and tag in when she needs to tag in.

Brie Bella walks up and tells Eva Marie the reason Summer Rae didn’t tag her in was because Eva sucks in the ring. Eva Marie is pissed because Summer Rae came up with the whole “Red and Gold” gimmick to begin with. Nikki Bella thinks Eva Marie is just keeping her enemies closer.

Eva Marie continues to be upset about the tag incident, but Tamina tells her to not let that happen to her again.

Later on, Eva Marie calls out Summer Rae saying she doesn’t appreciate her going behind her back and talking crap about her. Eva Marie says that Summer Rae officially has no allies left and that she can go f*** herself. As Eva Marie walks away, Summer Rae mocks her for walking away during a discussion. then walks away.

Eva Marie comes back and tells Summer that she’s jealous because she’s afraid Eva is going to outshine her. Summer claims that she’s not and that she would look better with red hair than Eva does. Eva shrugs it off and tells Summer Rae that “No one likes her, dude.”

Cam’ron is having a photoshoot for Rolling Out Magazine with everyone there supporting her.

While Cam’ron is doing the photoshoot, Vinnie sees a gossip site post about Ray-J and Cam’ron hanging out together. Vinnie asks Cam’ron about the photos with Ray-J. Cam’ron thinks Vinnie is overreacting and doesn’t want to talk about this at work and promises to talk to Vinnie about it later. Cam’ron returns to her photoshoot.

Later, Cam’ron is having her single release party. Meanwhile, Vinnie is pissed off and in the corner. Cam’ron knows Vinnie is upset, but hasn’t spoken to him about it yet.

Eva Marie joins Cam’ron at the part. Eva Marie is happy for Cam’ron and thinks her party is “dope.” Eva is happy that she’s making friends and the girls have her back after the Summer Rae incident, while Cam’ron is happy that she and Eva are friends again after the whole photo incident.

Later, Cam’ron apologizes to Vinnie, saying that she should have told him about Ray-J from the start. Vinnie accepts her apology, because that’s what the Armenian David Beckham does. Cam’ron thanks everyone for coming to her release party, then performs her single, “Bye Bye.”

At RAW, The Total Divas are watching The Funkadactyls vs. Aksana and Alicia Fox. Summer Rae talks about how The Funkadactyls Theme Song stays stuck in her head. Brie Bella agrees, but Eva Marie is pissed she’s next to Summer Rae.


While Aksana and Naomi are wrestling, Aksana knees Naomi right in the eye.

aksanakneeCourtesy of WrasslorMonkey

The Total Divas see that she’s really hurt. Naomi finishes her match, but is in excruciating pain. The Doctors and trainers take Naomi to the back, while the Total Divas are concerned.


So That Happened:

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