Highlight Reel: Happy Cinco De Mayo!

In Highlight Reel, 3MBooth shares funny wrestling videos.

It’s been a festive 3-Day Weekend at 3MBooth. Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, Sunday was May The Fourth and Today is Cinco de Mayo! And since today is a holiday, rather than post our Total Divas Recap, we decided to share something a little more Cinco de Mayo related, courtesy of our best friends (In our head), Nerdist!

In this video, The Justice League, stripped of their powers are forced to face the dreaded El Sombrero (No relation to El Torito.) What happens when Superman, Wonder Woman and Power Girl step into the ring? We don’t want to get away, but let’s just say it gets Extreme!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

P.S.: The Total Divas Recap will come tomorrow. Please don’t kill us.
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