Snapshots: Darthdust

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It’s May the Fourth, everybody! The recent tradition of puns – the classic Star Wars’ line “May the Force Be With You” with the date, May 4 – is a celebration of long running love the of sci-fi saga. Everyone’s a Star Wars fan in the same way that everyone’s a wrestling fan. In the past, the wrestling / Star Wars cross-over has shown us Layla channeling her inner princess and lightsabers being taken to the extreme. But that’s original trilogy, right? What about the prequel trilogy: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, The Revenge of the Sith? Well, when Goldust returned to WWE PPV at Battleground, he wore Darth Maul inspired facepaint:


Image Courtesy of user Gambit of the RebelScum forums

Someone had to be brave enough to come out in support of the prequels, right?


… alright, that’s enough of that. Let’s chalk that us to Goldust being … well, Goldust. Here’s Leva Bates dressed as Han Solo.

LevaHanSolo_3MBThere, that’s better. What characters and tributes will the new Star Wars film bring in?

Happy Star Wars Day, Everyone!

May the Force Be With You!

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