So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (05/04/14)


At Daniel Bryan’s house, Bryan and Brie are looking at Bridal Magazines. Brie wishes there were more men’s bridal magazines, but Bryan says the reason they don’t have that is because most men don’t care.


Brie Bella asks Daniel Bryan how they will kiss on their wedding day. Bryan, joking around gives Brie a giant open mouth kiss.

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Brie and Bryan practice more kisses until Brie tells her to take it more seriously. Brie and Bryan practice a TJ/Nattie kiss, then Brie jokes that it’s like they’re not in love.

Eva Marie goes to Summer Rae’s house only to find out that Summer Rae is upset that one of her ex’s got engaged. Summer Rae talks about how it’s always the next girl after her to get married, and that she’s 30 and it’s making her feel bad that she has no one to share her career. Summer Rae jokes that maybe Jonathan can hook her up.


Jimmy Uso and Naomi are in bed. Naomi wants a kiss, but Jimmy Uso thinks it’s too early for that. Jimmy Uso hints at sex, but Naomi tells him he needs to remind her to take birth control pills. Jimmy Uso doesn’t think he has to remind her to take her pills, even if she forgets. Naomi asks Jimmy Uso if he would wear a “love sleeve.”, they wouldn’t have this problem. Jimmy Uso refuses.

Jimmy Uso says the “love sleeve” is too much to put on, but Naomi doesn’t want to risk getting pregnant right now. Naomi says that she’s okay with the two children Jimmy Uso has now. Naomi loves Jimmy’s kids, but is happy where her career is going right now.

Summer Rae and Eva Marie show up to Total Divas Brunch in Thrift Store outfits. Brie Bella likes their outfits, but Cameron doesn’t. Natalya actually compliments Summer Rae’s outfit.

Summer Rae lets everyone know about her lack of boyfriend and her friend getting engaged. Summer Rae thinks something’s wrong with her since she is the only woman in the single’s division.

Eva Marie suggests Summer Rae dating Fandango. Brie Bella tells Summer Rae that she ended up falling for Daniel Bryan after having a storyline with him. Brie noticed that Bryan liked the environment as much as she did.

Brie Bella is at RAW getting makeup, but Nikki Bella sneaks up on her and scares her. Nikki Bella informs Brie Bella that there is meatloaf in catering.

Summer Rae and Fandango have her match with Emma and Santino Marella. Summer thinks Fandango is kinda cute.

After the match, Summer Rae comments on Fandango being shirtless with dress pants. Summer thinks he looks great, but Fandango does ‘t feel great because they lost. Summer continues to awkwardly flirt with Fandango.


Summer Rae asks Fandango if he lives in Tampa now, which he does. Summer lives in Orlando and suggests that they hang out. Fandango tells Summer Rae come down to Tampa and they can go to some restaurants.

Brie Bella, Kathy (Brie Bella’s Mom) and her cousin go dress shopping with Brie Bella. After some shopping, Brie finds her dream wedding dress. Brie wishes her sister Nikki was here, but Nikki is late.

Nikki Bella finally arrives, and Kathy asks Nikki if she’s okay with all the wedding stuff. Nikki says she is, although she isn’t. Brie Bella walks out and asks what everyone is talking about. Nikki says that it’s about Brie and it’s her day.

Naomi, Cam’ron and Eva Marie are driving and talking. Eva Marie jokes that Natalya is gonna be upset at Lana, who has just joined WWE because Lana is blonde. Naomi jokes that Natalya is gonna be mad at Cam’ron because she is blonde too. Cam’ron says Natalya won’t be mad at her because she’s black.

Naomi says she forgot to take her pills again. Eva Marie tells her to be careful or else she’ll have a baby. Naomi says she won’t, but she needs to get it together. Cam’ron is on birth control, but Eva Marie isn’t. Naomi talks about a new experiment where you can get a birth control implant that works for 3 years. Cam’ron and Eva Marie asks Naomi if she spoke to Jimmy Uso about it, but Naomi thinks it’s her body and shouldn’t have the conversation. Cam’ron and Eva Marie think she should talk to Jimmy Uso, even if she’s not sure.

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella go Bridesmaids Shopping. Nikki Bella wants a dress that defines her and shows off her body, while Brie thinks she needs to look more presentable.


After an argument over dresses, Nikki Bella agrees to put on a much nicer dress.

Naomi is driving with her Mom, Gracy, to get a birth control implant. Gracy thinks that the birth control implant will be a lot more convenient. Naomi reveals she didn’t tell Jimmy Uso about this.

At the OBGYN, Gracy tells Naomi that Jimmy Uso is gonna be upset. Naomi thinks it’s not helping, but her Mom is just being truthful. Naomi ends up getting the procedure anyway.

Summer Rae and Fandango are out on their date. Summer Rae is surprised that Fandango is single, but Fandango says he’s always been single, and that he takes what he can get.

Fandango takes Summer Rae to some of his favorite spots in Tampa. While drinking out of Mason Jars (Which Summer Rae has never heard of), Summer tries to flirt with Fandango by touching his arm and asking questions, but Fandango doesn’t seem very interested.

Fandango questions why Summer Rae is so inquisitive, but Summer Rae wants him to open up. Summer Rae asks him his five year plan, and Fandango tells her that he’ll know when he finds the right girl, but his career comes first. Summer Rae says that’s why so many people date within the business, which Fandango agrees with it. Fandango and Summer Rae have more drinks together.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are working out at the gym when Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan join them. Brie tries to ask Nikki about wedding stuff, but Nikki doesn’t want to talk about wedding stuff at while they work out.

Nikki Bella continues to try and work out, but Brie Bella asks about more seating arrangements. Nikki tells Brie that there’s a new rule at the gym: No wedding talk. Nikki says the guys aren’t talking about wedding shots, but Cena and Bryan joke that they were talking about floral arrangements.

Brie Bella messes up while working out, and Nikki Bella tells her if she focused more on her snatch and less on wedding, then that wouldn’t have happened. John Cena makes a comment about Nikki Bella commenting on her sister’s snatch.

Fandango and Summer Rae are in the limo talking and having a good time.

Fandango ends up inviting Summer Rae back to his place, where they drink more and take shots

Summer Rae decides to go for it and kiss Fandango.


Summer Rae realizes there is no chemistry between her and Fandango, and abruptly stops the makeout session. Summer tells Fandango that the kiss felt like kissing her brother, then apologizes to him. Summer says she likes what they have and doesn’t want to ruin anything between them.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are driving. Brie tells Bryan that Nikki is getting under her skin and is about to tell her to f-off about being her Maid Of Honor. Bryan thinks that it might be a little much, but Brie Bella thinks it’s really frustrating.

At the Performance Situation, Summer Rae is trying to keep her business with Fandango private. Eva Marie and Naomi are training with Summer Rae, but Eva finds out Naomi got the birth control implant. Naomi asks if Jimmy Uso knows and Naomi says she hasn’t told him.

Jimmy Uso trains with Naomi at the Performance Center, when Jimmy notices that Naomi’s arm is wrapped up. Jimmy asks about it and Naomi reveals to Jimmy she got the birth control implant.


Jimmy Uso is not happy with the news, but Naomi thinks this is better than a surprise pregnancy. Jimmy tells Naomi that she thinks what she did was shady, but Naomi doesn’t think it is that as big of a deal since it’s her body. Naomi thinks this is best for her, but Jimmy Uso says the fact that she did this without him was shady.

At Nikki Bella’s house, Brie Bella brings Nikki the wedding invitations, which are made of all wood. Brie wants help with the wedding invitations, but Nikki Bella thinks she should pay someone to do this. Brie thought it would be a good idea for sisters to do this together.

Brie and Nikki Bella get into an argument about the wedding invitations. Nikki Bella says she has no time to herself and the little time she has, Brie wants her to help with invitations. Brie gets frustrated and tells Nikki to f-off about being her maid of honor.

Back in Phoenix, Brie and her Mom, Kathy, are catching up and talking about kids. Brie wants her kid to be just like a mini-Bryan. Brie’s Mom asks about Nikki Bella. Brie tells her Mom about the Maid Of Honor drama and believes that Nikki Bella should “be her bitch” and be supportive, but she’s not. Brie’s Mom thinks Nikki is avoiding this because in her mind, this might not happen for her. Brie wishes that Nikki would say something to her about it, but decides to talk to her.

Back at RAW, Fandango and Summer Rae are talking about the other night. Fandango asks what happened the other night, but Summer Rae says that she likes what they have now. Fandango jokes that he’s a piece of meat, but tells Summer that as long as it doesn’t affect work, it’s okay. Fandango says maybe they can try it again next time, but to stay away from the Fireball shots.

At RAW, Naomi finds Jimmy Uso and asks about the birth control incident. Naomi stresses that it’s her body, but Jimmy Uso doesn’t want to talk about it. Jimmy Uso asks what would happen if he had a vasectomy without telling her. Naomi thinks that’s different and she would kill him if he did that.

Jimmy Uso understands its Naomi’s body, but he just wants to be there for her and support her as her husband. Naomi apologizes for doing this without him. Jimmy Uso is upset about not having any little Usos, but Naomi reminds him that the birth control is only for a few years. Naomi helps Jimmy Uso cope with the news by saying he can “get it” 365 days a year. Jimmy Uso thinks it’s the best thing she’s ever done now.


At RAW, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella have a private conversation outside. Brie says sometimes she might be a little crazy because she wants everything to go perfect. Nikki tells Brie that she’s not a normal person who has all this free time, but when she says she doesn’t have time for things, she actually doesn’t have time she says. Brie says she realizes this and talked to their Mom about it and Nikki imitates her talking to her Mom.

Brie Bella tells Nikki that they can plan a mock wedding for Nikki, but Nikki doesn’t want that. Nikki mentions that she might ever have a wedding, and Brie apologizes in her “Brie Way.” Nikki Bella apologizes in her “Nikki Way.”

Brie and Nikki Bella reconcile with an awkward hug. The Bella Twins joke about how awkward their hugs are.

Brie and Nikki Bella walk back inside as Brie admits that Nikki’s wedding situation sucks. Nikki jokes that Brie is her twin brother and that she has a penis.

So That Happened:

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