3 Count: Monster

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
The Good, The Bad & The Cheesy

During Wrestlemania weekend, WIRED magazine released an article about one of the unsung heroes of the WWE Universe: the video editor. It’s a staple of any WWE programming whether it be a recap of hour 1 of RAW in hour 3 or a “this just happened” summary of the last 15 minutes. But for Wrestlemania season, the video packages reach a different level. They incorporate real music (with all due respect to uber-talented Jim Johnston) like setting the John Cena / Bray Wyatt feud to Eminem’s “Legacy:”

That was one video package highlighted in the article. The other was from Wrestlemania 27, where Nas’ “Hate Me Know” summed up the Miz’s headlining moment and did more to  highlight his main event status more so than being the WWE Champion did.

Sometimes it’s hard to separate the song from the WWE video. You get the sense that the Miz had “Hate Me Now” as his ringtone and played it on loop on his iPod: both the song and the promo package matched his personality (yes, even the P. Diddy parts). John Cena or Bray Wyatt might play “Legacy” every now and again: the way the song was used fit well with John Cena’s concern over Bray Wyatt’s influence undoing what Cena has accomplished over his time in the WWE. However, that is not as natural an extension of the original song as one would hope. But the biggest contrast is probably the other video package from Wrestlemania 30 set to Imagine Dragons’ “Monster.” The WWE made a hype video about Daniel Bryan’s road to Wrestlemania.

They chronicle Daniel Bryan’s career in the WWE and how he was the continual underdog who constantly proved himself to be more than what people thought he would be. The soundbytes of Triple H and Stephanie calling him a B+ player at best hammer that point home. But those are only in the video package. The “monster” that Imagine Dragons sings about the monster being a problem, one that keeps getting stronger. But that’s not Daniel Bryan’s position. He’s not the problem; the Authority is. Bryan embraces getting stronger because that means the WWE Universe if supporting him in his challenging of the Authority. He’s guided by more than the light of a candle. Daniel Bryan didn’t create the monster; he created the Movement.

“Monster” is a great song by Imagine Dragons. You can listen to it to remind yourself of Daniel Bryan’s rise to the top of the WWE at Wrestlemania 30. But, it will be missing something. It will be missing that career-making element that the Miz’s “Hate Me Now” video: the harsh negativity words of The Authority, the impassioned speech of Daniel Bryan, and – most importantly – the YES! chants from the WWE Universe. For that, you need the WWE video department’s excellent work, now recognized outside of wrestling fans.

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