So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (04/13/14)


The Total Divas have their Total Divas Brunch. Nikki Bella shows off the new shoes John Cena got her. Brie Bella talks about a hippie bracelet Daniel Bryan got her.


Natalya starts bleeding from her nose. Brie Bella tells Natalya that her nose is bleeding. Natalya tells the Total Divas about Summer Rae slapping her at her house and injuring her nose.

The Total Divas complain about Natalya’s noseblood ruining their appetite.

At RAW, Eva Marie joins Brie Bella and Nikki Bella for lunch. Nikki Bella reveals that she passed her real estate exams. Nikki Bella says she has multiple hobbie, but one of her goals is to buy John Cena a Red Lamborghini for his 40th birthday. Eva Marie jokes that all Nikki Bella needs to do is to show up in a bow.

Natalya goes to talk to Mark, but Mark tells Natalya that he was looking for her.

Mark informs Natalya that she is going to get a WWE Divas Title Match at TLC against AJ Lee. Mark stresses that Natalya is always on time and never injured. Mark asks Natalya what she was going to ask her, but Natalya says she wanted to know about comp tickets for Wrestlemania. Natalya is excited to have the opportunity to face AJ Lee at TLC. Natalya thinks TLC is like the Golden Globes of the WWE.

Nikki Bella is about to have her first house showing, and instead of preparing for the interview, she calls John Cena. Nikki Bella tells John Cena that she’s nervous. Cena tells Nikki that she loves that house and that she’ll have nothing to worry about.

Nikki Bella attempts to sell the house. Nikki Bella thinks that since she can sell a storyline, she can sell a house.

Naomi is prepring choreography with Jimmy Uso for her new single “Dance All Night.”

Naomi is having trouble with her choreographers and choreography. Naomi thinks it’s because she’s thinking too much whiel dancing.

In San Diego, Nikki Bella puts lip gloss on John Cena’s lips. Nikki jokes that it might tingle and Cena wonders why she would put that on her face. Nikki Bella shows off her Mom’s Condo to John Cena, but Cena gets up abruptly to answer “Sarah’s” phone call. Nikki Bella thinks it’s weird that Cena would just leave.

Naomi meets at Ms. Sandra’s house to get her outfit for the music video. Naomi sees that the rhinestones aren’t done and starts to get upset.

Naomi decides she’s going to do the rhinestones herself and finish the outfit by herself. Naomi and Ms. Sandra argue about the rhinestones, with Ms. Sandra saying that Naomi can’t finish rhinestones in one night. Naomi is determined to get her costume finished and done correctly.

Naomi leaves Ms. Sandra’s house in a huff. Ms. Sandra calls Naomi ungrateful.

At Nikki Bella’s Mom’s House, Nikki walks in as John Cena quickly shuts the laptop. Nikki asks what he’s doing and he jokes that he’s watching porn.

Nikki Bella shows off her new outfits to John Cena, but Cena is too pre-occupied with his phone and laptop.


Naomi and her Uncle Buck are working all night to rhinestone her outfit. Naomi is frustrated with how difficult this is.

Natalya visits the doctor and finds out she needs surgery on her nose. Natalya cries because she doesn’t want to miss work.

Natalya jokes with the doctor to send the bill to Summer Rae. The Doctor asks who Summer Rae is.

Naomi is getting prepared for her music video, but she is tired due to staying up all night rhinestoning. Jimmy Uso tries to give her words of encouragement. Ms. Sandra also comes in and sees Naomi’s outfit. Ms. Sandra admits she was wrong because the costune looks amazing.

Naomi starts to film her music video, but everything falls apart. Naomi’s costume rips in two.

While Ms. Sandra tries to fix Naomi’s outfit, Naomi practices tricks in a different outfit. As Naomi dances, her weeve falls off.

After the weeve incident, Naomi and her Director argue about how many takes are needed for these shots and wasting valuable time. As this happens, a cop car pulls up and asks if Naomi and her crew have a permit to film.

Jimmy Uso checks on Naomi, who doesn’t think she can do this. Jimmy Uso says part of the reason why he wants to marry her is because she doesn’t give up. Jimmy Uso encourages Naomi and thinks she can pull this off.

The WWE Divas and Superstars are practicing the No H8 Campaign. While at the campaign, John Cena is seen on his phone.

Naomi and Eva Marie talk to Nikki Bella about John Cena. Nikki talks about Cena’s shadiness, and Eva Marie reveals she had a relationship with similar problems and the guy cheated on her. Naomi doesn’t think Cena would do that, but you never know.


Natalya is preparing for her match, when she finds out she has to face Summer Rae. Natalya tells Summer Rae to stay away from her face. Summer Rae says she’s always safe in the ring, but Natalya implores Summer to stay away from her face.

During Summer Rae vs. Natalya, Natalya gets hit in the face.


Post-Match, Natalya cries to the Total Divas about her injured nose. Natalya is worried that her match with AJ Lee at TLC may be ruined. The Total Divas try to calm Natalya down, but she storms off crying.

At Nikki Bella’s Mom House, John Cena is doing Yoga. Nikki wants to step on his back, but Cena doesn’t want her to do that. Cena is very serious about it.

Nikki wants to go to the gym with Cena, but Cena doesn’t want her to go. Nikki is surprised because John never says no to her.

After John Cena leaves for the gym, Nikki Bella calls Brie Bella confused about John Cena’s attitude. Nikki wants to spy on Cena, but Brie thinks that’s the first step in not trusting someone. Nikki convinces Brie to come “shopping” with her, so they can spy on John Cena.

In the car, Brie and Nikki Bella start talking about Adele and sad music. Nikki Bella mentions that Adele makes you realize that other people are also having love problems and it makes her want to sit and eat bonbons. Brie Bella is confused about what a bonbon is and they get into an argument on bonbons. This actually happened.

Nikki Bella calls John Cena at the gym and Cena lies about being at “World’s Gym.” Nikki realizes John Cena is lying, then starts to cry.


Later at Nikki Bella’s house, Nikki Bella confronts John Cena about not being at the gym. Cena says he was at the gym but Nikki doesn’t believe him. Nikki Bella tells Cena that she thinks he’s cheating on him. Cena laughs because he thinks that’s ridiculous.

John Cena calls Nikki Bella out on believing in faith, but not trusting him. Cena leaves the room as Nikki Bella looks upset.

Meanwhile, Tyson Kidd and Natalya are driving around. Tyson Kidd tells Natalya that he is concerned about her injury and although they are wrestlers, he loves Natalya and doesn’t want to see her hurt herself further. Natalya is determined to suck it up because this match at TLC is extremely important.

Later, Nikki Bella is getting ready to sell a house. The doorbell rings and it’s John Cena.

Nikki Bella thinks this is unprofessional and tries to get John Cena to leave the house, Cena tells Nikki that he can’t do that to her. Cena admits that he’s been lying and that he went to see another woman.

John Cena reveals that the woman’s name is Sarah and he spoke to her about buying the house, since Nikki Bella revealed she loved this house and that it was her dream house. Cena knows Nikki is mad at her right now, but he can’t help but notice how happy Nikki looks when she looks out at the lake.

John Cena and Nikki Bella make up.

At RAW, Brie Bella and Naomi are taping up for their match. Jimmy Uso and Brodus Clay start talking to Brie Bella and Naomi.

Jimmy Uso brings up Naomi’s song. Naomi’s upset because she didn’t want to talk about her single. Jimmy Uso tells Naomi to play her song for Brodus Clay. After playing the song for Brodus Clay, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, they all admit they love Naomi’s song.


Brodus wants Naomi to send him the song because he can get a lot of people to listen to it, including Snoop Dogg.

At TLC, Natalya vents to Tyson Kidd about the frustrations about her nose and if she made the right call by having this match. Natalya goes to the ring to face AJ Lee.

Despite having a great match, Natalya comes up short. When Natalya goes backstage, she gets praise from the other Divas and Tyson Kidd.

Natalya isn’t upset though because she got to show how good she is at wrestling. Even though she put her nose at risk, she was happy to perform for the WWE Universe.

So That Happened:

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