Highlight Reel: YES! Week Ever

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

Usually, for wrestling to get mentioned on television, something bad has to happen. Unfortunately, the sudden passing of the Ultimate Warrior was all over news outlets, some reputable and others notoriously not. But that wasn’t the only wrestling spotlight this week. The Soup did another tribute to the WWE this week and let wrestlers like The Bella Twins, Dolph Ziggler and Titus O’Neill in on fun along with the RAW announce team: Michael Cole, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and JBL.

But The Soup wasn’t the only comedy show to talk about wrestling. VH1’s Best Week Ever gave Daniel Bryan the reward for … well, Best Week Ever!

On Sunday, Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H in the first match at Wrestlemania XXX, then defeated Randy Orton and Batista later that night to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! On Monday, he was welcomed to RAW by thousands of people chanting YES! YES! YES! and telling him he deserves this moment. This weekend, he’s marrying Brie Bella. This is truly a great week for Daniel Bryan. (one quick note though, VH1: it’s Daniel Bryan, not Dan Bryan. Bryan Danielson is also acceptable.)

And! as icing on the cake, a YES! Chant broke out at Yankees Stadium!

What will next week have in store for our champion?


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