So That Happened: #RAW Recap (04/07/14)


RAW begins with the NEWWWWWW World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan!



The WWE Universe cheers loudly for Daniel Bryan.

The WWE Universe continues to chant “Daniel Bryan.” Daniel Bryan asks if the WWE Universe ever gets tired and they start doing a “NO!” chant.

Daniel Bryan tells the WWE Universe to be careful, because he doesn’t want them hurting their neighbor. Bryan tells the Universe that they don’t know how difficult it is doing the “YES!” chant with two titles, but he’s going to do it again for them. Bryan starts doing the “YES!” chants.

Daniel Bryan brings up the history of the “YES Chant” 2 years ago. Bryan says that it’s been two years, but gets cut off by a “You Deserve It” chant.

Daniel Bryan says “YES!” isn’t about positive thinking or a YES Movement or a catchphrase, it’s about having the power to make things happen. Bryan tells the WWE Universe that because of them, this happened and that they have the power to do anything.

Triple H’s theme plays. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come down to the ring.

Triple H gets on the ring apron as an “Asshole” Chant breaks out.

Triple H says he doesn’t want to come in the ring because he doesn’t want to do something he might regret. Daniel Bryan calls Triple H on his bluff, then walks over and starts “YESsing” in Triple H’s face with the WWE World Heavyweight Titles.

bryanhhhtauntingCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Triple H tells Daniel Bryan to enjoy his moment, because that exactly what it is, a moment. Triple H says Daniel Bryan as WWE World Heavyweight Champion won’t last long, and it won’t even last till the end of the night. Triple H puts Daniel Bryan in a match tonight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against…Triple H!

Triple H says this match isn’t just about winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the reality is, he plans to end the “YES Movement” and put an end to this. Triple H tells Daniel Bryan that there’s not a damn thing Bryan can do about it.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon leave the ring as Daniel Bryan starts to chant “YES!” again with the WWE Universe.

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are discussing plans to beat Daniel Bryan tonight. Stephanie can’t wait for Triple H to end the “YES Movement” tonight

Batista shows up and asks what’s going on. Triple H brings up Batista tapping out. Batista tries to defend himself and say that he came back to have a singles match and not a triple threat. Batista thinks he deserves a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but Randy Orton walks up and states his claim for a shot at the title.

Triple H tells Batista and Randy Orton that they will get rematches, but not tonight. Tonight, Triple H will take care of Daniel Bryan. Stephanie McMahon puts Randy Orton and Batista in a match against The Usos tonight for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Randy Orton and Batista complain about their tag title match, but Triple H says that this is all happening for one reason: Daniel Bryan. Triple H tells Randy Orton and Batista that when the three of them are on the same page, no one can stop them.

Match 01: The Wyatt Family vs. Big E., #ScumbagSheamus and John Cena


The WWE Universe loves The Wyatt Family

Big E. does an impressive series of backbreakers.

bigebackbreaker bigebackbreaker02 bigebackbreaker03

Courtesy of  wrestling-giffer

#ScumbagSheamus gets booed by the WWE Universe.

The WWE Universe starts singing “John Cena Sucks.”


The WWE Universe sings “He’s Got The Whole World” for Bray Wyatt.

#ScumbagSheamus gets the Hot Tag.


Luke Harper hits a Superkick on Big E.

Luke Harper dives on #ScumbagSheamus.

Bray Wyatt prepares for Sister Abigail.


Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Big E.


Winners: The Wyatt Family

Bo Dallas Promo:

Match 02: Fandango and Summer Rae vs. Santino Marella and Emma



Winners: Santino Marella and Emma

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