#ThrowbackThursday: #Wrestlemania!

In Throwback Thursday, 3MBooth takes a look back at some old-school wrestling videos

It’s Wrestlemania Week, which can only mean one thing. Thousands of wrestling fans are swarming to New Orleans to enjoy anything and everything pro wrestling sports entertainment. Three Man Booth will be in attendance, and we have an anthem for the entire weekend.

MI0002224865Courtesy of AllMusic

There’s a million things we could say about this phenomenal, spectacular album. But since it’s Wrestlemania Season, we are just going to focus on one song, performed by several WWE Superstars.

If you ever wanted to hear your favorite WWF/WWE Superstars rap along to early 90s Hip-Hop, now is your chance. Enjoy this amazing video.

Bonus: The WWE actually resurrected this song in 2010 for the Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 videogame. Here is the updated 2010/2011 version courtesy of Santino Marella!

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