#3MBatista – The Animation: Rating The Spears

In Nation Of The Animation, 3MBooth looks at Batista related gifs

Over the years, wrestling fans have debated who exactly is King (Or Queen) of The Spear. WCW fans prefer Goldberg. (You know, the guy who ruined Bret Hart’s career and robbed The Hitman out of future classics with Batista?) WWE fans prefer Edge (You know, the guy Batista made into a star when they feuded back in 2007?) ECW fans prefer Rhyno (You know, the guy who is JUST a Rhino and not ALL ANIMAL like Batista?) And the list goes on and on.

Until today…

In honor of Dave Batista, we will rate the spears in classic Batista fashion. By the end of this post, you will know who is at TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN!

Starting with Goldberg

goldbergspearCourtesy of Wrestling-Giffer

Verdict: Just like Goldberg’s wrestling career, Brief, but Flashy and Overrated.

Thumbs-DownCourtesy of Forums

Big Show


Courtesy of Wrestling-Giffer

Verdict: #BigShowRuinsThings and Big Show Ruins Spears.




Courtesy of Wrestling-Giffer

The Verdict: On This Day! I see clearly…that this spear is not up to par.



kaitlynspear03Courtesy of WrasslorMonkey

Verdict: Only works on people who weigh about 100lbs.


And last, but certainly not least….


rhynorockCourtesy of baldmarkhenry

Verdict: This one’s pretty cool…but technically, it’s a Gore. Not A Spear.


So, who has the best spear of all time?


Verdict: Batista

batistajazzhandsCourtesy of Reddit


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