#3MBatista – Ask ‘Em: Just Zayn

In Snapshots, 3MBatista Searches For Images To Share

We all know that when it comes to style, no one can match Batista. Since returning to the WWE, the ring ramp has been his own personal runaway, showcasing the best in both casual and activewear fashion. It’s the apparel that the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion and NEW face of the company should have. That doesn’t stop other Superstars from trying to copy his style. Like the rookie Sami Zayn, an NXT Superstar in the WWE’s developmental facility in Tampa. But, he walks to the ring wearing a newsboy cap and a scarf. Who needs a scarf in Florida?!? Clearly, Zayn is trying to mimic The Animal.

3MBatista_Zayn_BatistaSo, we ask you, 3ManBatista-verse, who wore it best: The former multi-time champion Batista or some guy named Sam?


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