#3MBatista – Cheap Pop: The Warlord

In Cheap Pop, Three Man Batista discusses random topics with a slight historical bend.

Fun Fact: ‘The Animal’ Batista says that The Warlord is his favorite wrestler of all time. At 3ManBatista, that is the equivalent of winning the World Title. Why did Batista gravitate towards this Power of Pain while others didn’t? Let’s take a look:

3MBatista_TheWarlord_001The Warlord is known, in the WWF / WWE, as a wrestler with brute strength and face-paint. Unfortunately, he was around in the era of wrestlers with brute strength and face-paint like the Ultimate Warrior, the Legend of Doom and Demolition, the team that the Warlord and his tag team partner, the Barbarian, feuded with for  several months.

The only other accolade The Warlord has in the WWE is not a good one. He held the shortest time spent in the Royal Rumble, 2 seconds from the 1989 Royal Rumble; the record held for 20 years until Santino Marella broke it in 2009. Each feat made it to the WWE’s Top 10 Royal Rumble fails, with The Warlord at #3 and Santino at #2

So maybe that’s why the Batista returned to the WWE dead-set on winning the 2014 Royal Rumble. Already a Rumble winner, maybe he was out to avenge not only himself but also the Warrior. That means that if when Batista wins the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 30, it won’t be for just him; it’ll be for the Warlord too.

3MBatista_TheWarlord_BatistaDeal with it!

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