Snapshots: Dolph Ziggler + Emma = Zemma?

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Last Week, we posted about the newly formed alliance of Dolph Ziggler and Emma at a WWE Live Event. We thought it was a one time thing, but thankfully, we were wrong! This week in Norfolk, VA, Zemma teamed up and were victorious against the team of Fandango and Summer Rae (Again.) But before they defeated Fandango and Summer Rae, Zemma had a little fun channeling D-Generation X.

DolphEmmaDXCredit_3MBPhoto courtesy of ajwindon

Although, we at Three Man Booth have yet to see Zemma team in person, we would love if this pairing made it to TV in the near future. Although, it does mean bad news for one person.

BkA6r7BIYAATGxOCourtesy of ‏5CornersxSmootx


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