I Was There: #RAWBrooklyn

In “I Was There” 3MBooth provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

When it comes to Brookyln, the WWE is building a good track record. Their first event was the TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) PPV. The next event, an episode of RAW, ended with the WWE Universe picking John Cena’s SummerSlam opponent: Daniel Bryan. After a live event where Sami Zayn made his Brooklyn debut, the WWE returned for RAW on Monday for their Road to Wrestlemania.

3MB_20140324RAW_001The So That Happened RAW Recap covered a lot of what we saw at the Barclays Center this past Monday but there were some moments that had to be seen in person. Wrestling cosplay has been on the rise as of late. Last RAW, there was one guy dressed as Bray Wyatt: Hawaiian shirt  + straw hat + beard. This RAW, there were tons of costumes : Hogans, Flairs, Warriors, Wyatts and even a Daniel Bryan light-up YES! YES! YES! jacket (who is best friends with a Chris Jericho light-up jacket):


The Brooklyn wing of the WWE Universe was excited for this RAW. Batista got booed so badly his pants split from the embarrassment. Everyone cheered Hulk Hogan because, deep down, we’re all Hulkamaniacs. But we also clamored to be adopted by the Wyatt family. When Bray said, “Brooklyn… We’re Here,” not only did we scream like little girls but we also clapped along to their entrance music!

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We’ll follow those buzzards if they have rhythm. The festivities didn’t end there. After some light Fandango-ing, the WWE Universe wished The Undertaker a Happy Birthday!

3MB_20140324RAW_115After RAW, we were treated to a Shield versus Wyatt Family brawl. The Shield, who made their WWE in-ring debut at the Barclays Center, were victorious … well, they were the ones left standing in the ring. They proceeded to thank us for a fun night and asked us to believe in the new symbol of excellence, to believe in the Shield.

3MB_20140324RAW_123AYou can check out more photos from the event on our Facebook page. Let’s hope the WWE keeps up their solid track record in JTG’s hometown.

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