So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (03/30/14)


Jimmy Uso kisses his fiancé , Naomi then takes her behind the curtain. Jimmy Uso tries to have sex with her behind the curtains at work, but Naomi pushes him off of her.

Naomi refuses to give her “cookie” away at work because she doesn’t want to get fired. Naomi asks Jimmy Uso why he’s so horny lately and Jimmy replies that it’s because of her. Jimmy proceeds to hump his fiancé, Naomi.


Eva Marie and Summer Rae are driving to the next town. Eva Marie is happy to be off the bus and vents to Summer Rae about why she was so upset about the pictures leaking. Summer Rae takes her side, saying the other Divas know nothing about her or her life. Eva Marie thinks that since Summer Rae is associated with her now, the Divas will try and throw her under the bus as well.

Eva Marie tells Summer Rae that Nikki Bella was cool about the photos and tried to help her out, unlike Natalya. Eva Marie and Summer Rae start talking about Natalya, who they claim talk behind everyone’s back despite being a WWE Veteran. Sumner Rae thinks Natalya is just jealous that she didn’t maximize her time in the WWE in the 6 years of her being there and that in 6 years, Summer Rae vows to do more than Natalya. Eva Marie and Summer Rae think the Total Divas are bored.

Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins walk to the arena. Brie Bella vents to Nikki Bella her frustrations about the bus. Brie feels bad because she convinced Bryan to get the bus, but thinks he’s regretting it due to all the noise the Total Divas have been making. Brie brings up the unnecessary drama the Divas have on the bus, while Nikki is just glad she’s not on the bus anymore.

Before RAW, Brie Bella greets The Usos then asks Jimmy Uso if he’s ready for the bus tonight. Jimmy Uso says another night with no cookie, but Brie tells him he can get cookies for a lifetime. Jey Uso chimes in saying that he put a ring on it so he can get cookies when he wants. Brie reminds Jimmy Uso that there’s no boning on the bus.

Brie Bella tells Jimmy Uso that she had to try really hard to get this bus for Daniel Bryan. Natalya chimes in saying that Bryan is crank on the bus. Jimmy Uso thinks it’s because no one’s getting any cookie. Natalya says the bus ride is only four day then questions Jimmy Uso’s intestinal fortitude.

Natalya tells Jimmy Uso to keep the mouse in the house, but Jimmy responds that the mouse comes out after cheese in the dark. Natalya says when the cat’s away, the mice comes out to play, then tries to imitate Cam’ron’s “Girl Bye.” It doesn’t go over well.

Eva Marie talks about how excited she is to be on RAW tonight, since she doesn’t get the chance to wrestle on RAW often.

After a 12 Diva Tag, the Total Divas get back on the bus with Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Uso and Tyson Kidd.

Cam’ron wants the bus to get livelier and be a party. Daniel Bryan suggests they talk global contemporary world issues.

Natalya starts talking about Cam’ron’s debut single, “Girl Bye.” After Jimmy Uso sings some of the lyrics, Daniel Bryan asks Cam’ron if being all about the “Chingle Chingle” is the message she wants to send to little girls all over the world and her future daughter.

Note: We don’t normally post clips in the recap, but this one is worth it.

Natalya starts screaming and asks for Tyson Kidd and Brie Bella’s assistance. Tyson Kidd and Brie Bella help her out and find out Natalya has Icy Hot in the middle of her legs and her butt.

Natalya explains that she had Icy Hot still on her hands, and when she grabbed toilet paper, she must’ve accidentally spread it around. Detective Daniel Bryan realizes Natalya pooped on the bus! Natalya tries to say she rubbed it on her inner thigh, but Detective Daniel Bryan makes fun of her for changing where she placed the Icy Hot in her story.


John Cena walks into the arena with Nikki Bella. Nikki is concerned about the cracks in the floor.

Natalya grants her first Make-A-Wish with a young lady named Alexis. Natalya gives Alexis her jacket from Wrestlemania 25, her first Wrestlemania.

Summer Rae talks with Ms. Sandra about her outfits being too revealing when she is out there with Fandango, but then shows Sandra a dress that is too covered up. Summer Rae needs help making the outfit more revealing.

Summer Rae thinks the dress makes her covered up like a Grandma. Sandra disagrees, but Summer tells Sandra her Grandma would wear a dress like that.


Sandra agrees to alter the dress for Summer Rae.

Brie Bella catches Jimmy Uso and Naomi having sex (or getting close to having sex) on the bus!

Naomi thinks was a horrible idea then scolds Jimmy Uso about locking the door. Jimmy Uso says he locked the door, but Naomi throws her clothes at him. Jimmy Uso breaks the 4th Wall and shakes his head.


Brie Bella tells Daniel Bryan about Naomi and Jimmy Uso having sex on the bus. Daniel Bryan asks where and Brie reveals it was where everyone sits. Bryan talks to Brie about his rules being broken, then asks how they’re supposed to sleep on the bus tonight. Brie suggests spraying Lysol.

After a successful match for The Bella Twins on Main Event, everyone gets on the Daniel Bryan Bus One Last Time.

After some joking around about bird poop, onesies and Jimmy Usos horniness, Brie Bella brings up Jimmy Uso and Naomi trying to have sex on the bus. Bryan asks if Jimmy Uso was trying to have sex on the bus. Jimmy Uso says Yes, but Naomi says No.

Daniel Bryan says the bus was fun, but every rule was broken, so there will never probably be a bus again. Tyson Kidd chimes in saying he didn’t break any rules. Jimmy Uso adds on that technically they didn’t break any rules because there was no erection on the bus. Naomi is in disbelief.


At catering, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella discuss John Cena and Nikki Bella’s dieting, and their wedding plans. Some of the plans include $1,200 wooden invitations made of real wood.

Nikki Bella walks up and talks with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella about the tour bus. Brie Bella says that it smells like fish, which Nikki Bella agrees with. Bryan says that the fish smell started when Nikki Bella came up. Nikki jokes about throwing a pineapple at Bryan’s head.

After The Bella Twins bring up a future photoshoot with Summer Rae, Daniel Bryan mentions that Summer Rae came up to him to talk about the rumors. Bryan says Summer told him that she really cares about what Bryan thinks about these rumors. Daniel Bryan reveals that she tried to hug him as well.

Nikki Bella brings up that Summer Rae tried to do the same thing with John Cena, but she nipped it in the bud right away. Brie Bella gets pissed off about Summer Rae’s antics and goes to confront her.

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