Nation Of Animation: Happy 3:16 Day!

In Nation Of Animation, 3MBooth will spotlight wrestlers using animated gifs

Uh-oh! Guess what day it is?

geicocamelCourtesy of michonnes

C’mon! You know…March 16th? 3…16?

Courtesy of bryansbeard

That’s right. It’s Austin 3:16 Day! OH HELL YEAH!

austinwalkCourtesy of bryansbeard

The Austin 3:16 Phenomenon started in 1996, when Stone Cold uttered these words.

austin316Courtesy of s3thr0llins

So to honor this quote and Stone Cold, we celebrate March 16th by…

Having a beer

AustinMilkCourtesy of validx2

I said having a BEER

austinbeer01 austinbeer02

Courtesy of bryansbeard

Or two…


Courtesy of bryansbeard

Or three…

austinbeer03Courtesy of pizzzatime

Because let’s face it. We really love beer!


Courtesy of bryansbeard

Also on 3:16 Day, we tell people how we really feel.

austintripleh01 austintripleh02 austintripleh03 austintripleh04Courtesy of pg-attitude

Sometimes, it’s easier to use just one gesture.

austinfingerCourtesy of theheartbreakkidshawnmichaels

Or two gestures…

austinfinger02Courtesy of the-middle-finger-blog

We also like to borrow vehicles.


Courtesy of bryansbeard

And quickly put them to use.

stone-cold-beer-truck-oCourtesy of gifsoup

Or sometimes, we just blow stuff up. No big deal.


Courtesy of bryansbeard

Sometimes, we torment our boss…

austinclothesline austinpunch

Courtesy of bryansbeard

austingun austingun02

But we always end 3:16 by giving out several Stone Cold Stunners! 

shaneface shanestunner

Courtesy of bryansbeard
jarrettstrut jarrettstunner jarrettstrutmockCourtesy of peteneems
rockstunner06Courtesy of thisiselliz
cenastunnerCourtesy of gif-lab
rockstunner04 rockstunner05Courtesy of socialflyte

Don’t forget about the ladies!


Courtesy of thisiselliz

So grab a few friends and Celebrate 3:16 Day!

austintakerfoleyCourtesy ofwrestlingchampions

Just remember to catch your beer…

jerichocatch jerichocatch03Courtesy of angryblackman

Or else…

austinjericho02Courtesy of bittertowncowboy

Happy 3:16 Day, everyone!

austinbottomline causestonecoldsaidso

Courtesy of bryansbeard

Warning: If you do any of these things, you might get arrested…

austinarrestCourtesy of leakee


And because we love The Rock Stunner so much.

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