Throwback Thursday: Tom Petty and the Hartbreakers

In Throwback Thursday, 3MBooth takes a look back at some old-school wrestling videos

The soundtrack of the WWF / WWE mostly comes from one man: Jim Johnston. He’s created or tweaked some of the more famous themes in wrestling. But every now and again, the WWF looked outside of their talented musician pool (Johnston, Jimmy Hart, um… The Roadie) and pair up wrestlers with popular musicians. And for some wrestling fans, like ourselves, our introduction to Tom Petty was through Bret “Hitman” Hart:

The WWF set a bunch of Bret’s wrestling clips to Tom Petty’s “Makin’ Some Noise.” The music video got the same high profile treatment MTV (yes, it used to play videos) or FOX (them too) gave other artists. The WWF aired the video for the first time on the November 14, 1992 as part of Saturday Night’s Main Event, just before Bret’s first televised WWF title defense. Then they played it everywhere! Superstars, Mania, Livewire, even at Wrestlemania X! To this day, “Makin’ Some Noise” is still our favorite Tom Petty song. Oh! Except for “Last Dance with Mary Jane.” … and “Free Fallin'” is really good too.

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