So That Happened: #RAW Recap (3/10/14)

RAW kicks off with the host of Wrestlemania 30, Hulk Hogan!

After a loud response for Hulk Hogan, Hogan tells the WWE Universe that for the past 2 weeks, fans have been welcoming him back to the WWE Universe. Hulk Hogan talks about watching the WWE Network on his timeoff and reliving his greatest matches against The Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, and his match against Andre The Giant. Hogan describes how amped up he feels when he watches his match with Andre The Giant and reminds us about the time he bodyslammed Andre.

Hulk Hogan tells the WWE Universe that he came up with a historic idea for Wrestlemania. Hogan says in honor of 30 Years Of Wrestlemania and Andre The Giant, Wrestlemania 30 will have the first ever 3 Man 30-Man Over The Top Rope Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The winner will receive the Battle Royal will receive the Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy.


Hulk Hogan asks the WWE Universe, “Whatcha Gonna Do At Wrestlemania when Hulk Hogan and the memory of Andre The Giant runs wild on you?” Hulk Hogan is interrupted by John Cena’s music as Cena comes out clapping. John Cena and Hulk Hogan salute each other.

John Cena hypes the WWE Universe’s energy, then thanks Hulk Hogan and says it’s good to have him home. Cena hypes Hulk Hogan’s importance to Wrestlemania then tells Hogan that his favorite Wrestlemania Moment was Wrestlemania 3. Cena describes how important Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant was for him

John Cena imitates Hulk Hogan, then makes himself the first entrant in the Andre The Giant battle royal.

The Wyatt Family appears.

Bray Wyatt tells John Cena and Hulk Hogan that he has always been fascinated with pride, because it is his favorite sin. Wyatt says pride has the ability to blind even the strongest men, even those who claim to be immortal.

Bray Wyatt mocks Hulk Hogan’s “Say Your Prayers” catchphrase, then John Cena’s “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” catchphrase and says neither catchphrase does them any good. Wyatt calls John Cena and Hulk Hogan liars and says their foolish pride allows them to prey upon the weak and fill them up with hope, but hope is dead.

Bray Wyatt says tells John Cena that his legacy will be dead soon. Wyatt tells Cena that if he looks up at him, he will see a friend. If Cena looks down at him, he will see an enemy. But if Cena look at him square in the eye, he will see a God.

John Cena makes fun of what Bray Wyatt said, saying that he doesn’t see a God when looks at Bray Wyatt, he sees a homeless guy who is wasted in Margaritaville (Yes, he sings the song.) Cena says that Bray Wyatt didn’t find any salt, he found two goons, a tiki torch and rocking chair he found at Cracker Barrel.

John Cena asks Bray Wyatt that if he thinks he can walk out here in a Hawaiian Shirt, a Fedora and wants to be somebody, then he needs to prove it. Cena apologies to Hulk Hogan, saying he might not be able to make the battle royal, because he is issuing an open challenge to Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 30. Cena hopes Wyatt accepts, because if he does, he is going to get the ass whooping on a lifetime.

Bray Wyatt calls John Cena’s challenge a false promise, then says it’s always “fun and games” with Cena. Wyatt says the games stop when it’s Cena caught in the spider’s web. The Wyatt Family gets ready to attack John Cena and Hulk Hogan

Match 01: John Cena vs. Erick Rowan.

John Cena uses a roll up on Erick Rowan

Winner: John Cena


Luke Harper and Erick Rowan get ready to fight John Cena and Hulk Hogan.


Bray Wyatt calls back Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and The Wyatt Family leaves.

After The Wyatt Family leave, Hulk Hogan does his classic poses.

The Authority speaks:

Stephanie McMahon reminds the WWE Universe of Daniel Bryan attacking Triple H last week, but suffering the consequences when Triple H laid Bryan out with a Pedigree. Stephanie thinks Bryan’s actions are ground for immediate termination, but says she and her husband want to lead by example. Stephanie says on behalf of The Authority, she offers a very sincere apology to Daniel Bryan, because it’s Best For Business.

Stephanie McMahon believes there is value in a Daniel Bryan Brand, but not as much value as A+ Brands as Batista, Randy Orton or Triple H. Stephanie claims Bryan has a niche following, so The Authority won’t fire Daniel Bryan tonight as long as Bryan can return the favor and apologize to them.

Stephanie McMahon says it’s time Daniel Bryan admit that he is wrong, and that Bryan admits to himself to be in the ring with Triple H now, or at Wrestlemania 30. Stephanie claims Triple H is above Daniel Bryan professionally, figuratively, and literally.

Stephanie McMahon says as long as Daniel Bryan can apologize, they can move forward. If Bryan refuses to apologize, there will be severe consequences.

The New Age Outlaws come out for commentary.

The Outlaws hug Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Match 02: The Usos vs. Rybaxel (With The New Age Outlaws on Commentary)

Ryback announces that he is in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

The Usos make their entrance, but the commentators talk about Jerry Lawler’s shirt

The Usos do their dive tag.

The Usos do the Uso Splash.

Winners: The Usos

Backstage: Kane tells The Shield that their losses to The Wyatt Family and The Shield Summit was embarrassing to The Authority. Ambrose asks if there’s a point to all of this. Kane responds by telling Ambrose that he is going to light a fire under The Shield, since they have been a valuable asset in the past and he wants to see if they will remain a valuable asset.

Kane brings up The Shield losing the Tag Team Titles to The Rhodes Brothers months ago, so he makes The Shield face The Rhodes Brothers again. Rollins has no problems with this, but asks Kane if this is about The Shield, or if Kane is trying to hide the fact that he got pinned by Daniel Bryan multiple times last week.

Kane tells The Shield that he’s giving them the opportunity to step up tonight. Ambrose says The Shield will exorcise their demons tonight. Roman Reigns gets in Kane’s face, and tells him that they will exorcise any demon that gets in their way. Reigns tells Kane to Believe In The Shield.

Match 03: Big E. vs. Jack Swagger

Big E. Announces his entry into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

Cesaro mocks Jack Swagger on the outside.


Jack Swagger is distracted by Cesaro. Big E. rolls up Swagger.

Winner: Big E.


Post-Match, The Real Americans argue.

The Real Americans try and blame each other, but Zeb Colter snaps and says it’s both of their faults. Colter says he’s sick and tiredo f this, then starts to take off his vest.

Zeb Colter orders Cesaro and Jack Swagger to shake hands. Swagger refuses to shake Cesaro’s hand, but eventually shakes his hand. Cesaro shows how strong he is, by giving Jack Swagger a much stronger handshake.

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