Highlight Reel: #WWENetwork Predicted 11 years ago??

In Highlight Reel, 3MBooth searches for funny videos to share.

Today, the WWE Network launches all over the United States on multiple platforms. Like many of you in the Three Man Booth-iverse, we are ready to purchase a subscription and plan to devote many hours to watching the Network. In the name of research of course…

However, while doing our research, we came across the opening video from the critically panned WWE video game, WWE Crush Hour. And although, WWE Crush Hour got nearly EVERYTHING wrong about wrestling, they surprisingly got one thing right: The WWE Network!

w_screen004Courtesy of gamefaqs

In the video, the news reporter, we’ll call her Eva O’Neil, talks about Mr. McMahon taking over all of television with his own programming, despite protest from critics. Now, Mr. McMahon is looking for the next step in innovative programming AKA WWE Crush Hour.

Obviously, the Crush Hour experiment didn’t pan out, but you will love this eerie look into the future, that showcases WWE Superstars out of their element doing commercials, cooking shows and reality shows on the “WWE Network.”

Enjoy the video, and Enjoy the WWE Network!

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