Snapshots: USA vs. Canada

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If you’re a Real American (and even if you’re not), you’ve been spending the last few weeks emotionally invested in The Rise Of Cesaro Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. We, at Three Man Booth, aren’t doing weekly recaps of the games, but every now in then, we find ourselves staring at the television screen doing our best Hacksaw Jim Duggan impression.

hacksaw-jim-dugganCourtesy of WWE

Unfortunately for Team USA, they once again went down in defeat to our Neighbours Of The North, Canada, in Olympic Hockey. Ironically, Canadian fans of Three Man Booth are also doing their best Hacksaw Jim Duggan impression.


Courtesy of WWE

Even though Zeb Colter is furious right now, we’d like to congratulate Canada for not only their hard fought victory, but giving us a reason to write about Hacksaw Jim Duggan! But whether you’re chanting “USA” or “Canada,” there’s only one chant that truly matters.

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