So That Happened: #RAW Recap (02/25/14)


RAW begins with the return of Hulk Hogan!

After a long and loud “Hogan chant,” Hulk Hogan says his trademark, “Let Me Tell You Somethin’ Brother” then let everybody know that tonight marks the turning point of his career, because he is officially home, brothers.


Hulk Hogan says 30 years ago, he was part of something very special; The first ever Wrestlemania. Hogan says that history was made that day and history is being made with the WWE Network. Hulk Hogan is proud to say that his Hulkamaniacs are a huge part of launching the WWE Network.

Hulk Hogan says he’s acting like a proud papa seeing that the past, present and future will be immortalized on the WWE Network. Hogan says with the network, he can watch wrestlers like Bruno Sammartino, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Hogan says that he can also watch the future of the WWE on the WWE Network and the future is with Wrestlemania 30. Hogan announces that he is the official host of Wrestlemania 30!


Hulk Hogan says he has one question: Whatcha Gonna Do when Hulk Hogan, the WWE Network and Wrestlemania run wild on you?!

Match 01: Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio


Randy Orton’s music plays as Orton comes out and distracts Batista. Del Rio rolls him up.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton apologizes for interrupting Batista’s match, then says that Batista has been easily distracted since the days of Evolution. Orton tells Batista that they’ve had a lot of laughs, but Batista losing to Del Rio via a rollup is one of the funniest things he’s seen in a long time.

Randy Orton says the other thing that’s funny is how the WWE Universe has reacted to Batista’s triumphant return. Orton tells Batista that the WWE Universe doesn’t like him very much. Orton thinks that because of the boos, Batista is sorry that he came back.


Batista tells Randy Orton that he couldn’t be any more wrong. Batista tells everybody to get this through their heads: He. Loves. This. Business. The crowd only boos him more.

Batista says that he loves that the WWE Universe has a voice, so if they cheer him, he’ll cheer them back. If they boo Batista, he will boo them back. It’s called being “real” and honest. Something Randy Orton knows nothing about.

Batista says what matters is that he will go to Wrestlemania and beat Randy Orton, someone who he used to call his friend, but has turned into a whiny, sniveling, kiss-ass suckup.

Batista tells Randy Orton to get used to him as the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Batista tells the WWE Universe to “Deal With It.”

Match 02: Big E. vs. Cesaro

Cesaro hits the Swiss Uppercut on Big E.

Big E. hits a Uranage on Cesaro.

Jack Swagger tries to interfere, but Big E hits Swagger with a clothesline. Cesaro does the Giant Swing to Big E!

Jack Swagger runs in and puts Big E. in the Ankle Lock.

Winner: Big E (via DQ)

Post-Match, Cesaro and Jack Swagger argue.

Big E. tries to attack Cesaro, but Cesaro drops him with a hard Neutralizer.

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