So That Happened: #RAW Recap (02/17/14)


RAW begins with John Cena.

John Cena says that the WWE Universe can tell it’s RAW because they’re live from Denver tonight. Cena starts to hype the Elimination Chamber and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match. Cena says the match is so devastating that it can end careers. Cena says that he thinks nothing hard comes without sacrifice, so whichever Superstar survives the Chamber, they get a guaranteed ticket to the Main Event of Wrestlemania to face Batista.

John Cena says he’s been on the Road To Wrestlemania many times, and despite the crowd being for him, or against him, the most important thing on the Road To Wrestlemania is momentum. Cena claims that Orton is the only person who has no momentum going into Elimination Chamber, of his recent losses to Daniel Bryan and himself.

John Cena says that based off the odds, we will see a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cesaro’s music plays and he comes out with Zeb Colter.

Zeb Colter tells John Cena that he’s looking at the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Cesaro. Cesaro reminds Cena that he’s not the only person who beat Randy Orton last week. Cesaro says this Sunday, at Elimination Chamber, he will win the Elimination Chamber and not only become the new face of the WWE, but the new face of America.

John Cena asks Cesaro to come to the ring because he wants to say this to him face-to-face. Cena congratulates Cesaro on beating Randy Orton, but tells him that this Sunday, he’s not just facing Orton on Sunday, he’s facing 5 other men as well. Cena reminds Cesaro that this is his first Elimination Chamber match and warns him not to write checks that his body can’t cash.

Cesaro tries to respond to Cena, but #ScumbagSheamus comes out next.

#ScumbagSheamus tells John Cena and Cesaro that he has been in the Elimination Chamber before and that there’s nothing like it. #ScumbagSheamus jokes that the WWE never stated that they want someone who looks like him as the face of the WWE, but he knows that both of Cena and Cesaro’s faces are going to look funny after he kicks their teeth in. #ScumbagSheamus continues to taunt John Cena and Cesaro until he is interrupted by Christian.

Christian calls out #ScumbagSheamus for Brogue Kicking him on Smackdown, then says he knows it was an accident. Christian tells #ScumbagSheamus Sunday, he’s going to take #ScumbagSheamus’ crooked tooth and plant it into the ground with a Killswitch on Sunday and that won’t be an accident.

Randy Orton comes out next.

Randy Orton thanks The Authority for giving him the opportunity to beat everyone in the Elimination Chamber. Orton tells Cesaro that he underestimated him and that it won’t happen again. Orton tells Cena that even though he won last week, Cena can’t beat him when it counts. Orton tells Christian that the two of them have had some of the most incredible matches in Orton’s career, but Christian has never beaten him in those great matches.

Randy Orton claims he’s going to beat #ScumbagSheamus tonight, then starts to brag about being the Face Of The WWE, until Daniel Bryan comes out.

Daniel Bryan tells the other Superstars in the Elimination Chamber that they have been doing a lot of talking, but the WWE Universe is doing the talking for him. says that Bryan says we all know how important the Elimination Chamber is because it all leads to Wrestlemania. Bryan tells the other Superstars that he has worked too hard to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. Bryan says this Sunday, at Elimination Chamber, nobody will be talking about the “Face Of The WWE” or “The Champ Is Here” or “Fella” or “We The People” or “One More Match.” The WWE Universe will be chanting one word: YES! Daniel Bryan leads a YES chant.

Kane comes out next and says The Authority has given him a chance to rectify the mistakes he’s made recently. Kane gets cut off by a “You Sold Out” chant!

Kane says that The Authority left him in charge tonight, and since Randy Orton has to face Sheamus, he is putting the other Elimination Chamber participates in matches tonight as well. Kane puts Cesaro in a match with John Cena, and Christian in a match with Daniel Bryan.

Kane tells Daniel Bryan that he is going to have a bird’s eye view of Bryan’s match because it’s happening right now. Christian attacks Daniel Bryan from behind.


Match 01: Daniel Bryan vs. Christian

Christian focuses on Daniel Bryan’s arm/shoulder

Christian mocks Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan starts to fight back.

Daniel Bryan catches Christian with a roll up.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Post-Match, Kane congratulates Daniel Bryan on a hard fought victory….or at least that’s what he tried to say.

Kane says that he forgot to tell Daniel Bryan that he has one more match tonight…against him.

Match 02: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Kane takes off his shirt and is in a tanktop.


Kane gets “You Sold Out” chants.

Kane works on Daniel Bryan’s arm until he gets disqualified.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via DQ)

Backstage: Renee Young talks with The Shield about Mark Henry. Ambrose says that he’s surprised Mark Henry showed up after the beating he gave Henry last week.

Roman Reigns calls Dean Ambrose out on losing to Mark Henry, but Ambrose says he softened him up for Reigns tonight. Ambrose asks Reigns if he can do better. Reigns says he knows he can.

Renee Young questions if The Shield will be on the same page before their match at Elimination Chamber with The Wyatt Family, but but Seth Rollins cuts her off and tells her that The Shield is always on the same page. Rollins says that The Shield was born and bred for war. Ambrose tells Renee young that The Wyatt Family’s mind games are all illusions because their mind games aren’t real. Reigns tells Renee that The Shield doesn’t experience fear and they don’t back down. Reigns says to Believe That and Believe In The Shield.

Match 03:Fandango vs. Santino Marella

Michael Cole hypes Emma.

Emma catches Summer Rae in the airplane spin.


Emma and Santino Marella almost kiss, but Fandango kicks Santino in the back of the head.


Winner: Fandango

Backstage: Renee Young asks Mark Henry how he thinks he’s going to fair against Roman Reigns tonight.

Mark Henry tells Renee Young that he should’ve won the United States Title last week, but it didn’t happen. Henry says that tonight is not about titles, winning or losing. It’s about inducting somebody into the Hall Of Pain, because THAT’S WHAT HE DOES!

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