Highlight Reel: Be The Man

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Professional athletes seem to be focused on one thing: getting their hands on the championship. In football, baseball and basketball, that usually means a ring. But that’s not what athletes want. Since the Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl, there’s been an increase in wanting a WWE championship title. David Ortiz wore a WWE replica title after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. After LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles won the rushing title for this season, he was given a World Heavyweight championship replica belt. Then, NBA Superstar LeBron James tweeted that he wanted a belt also. Everybody wants to be the man. So, how did the San Francisco 49ers top that? Well, they brought in the guy who can beat the man, the 16 time World Champion, the Nature Boy Ric Flair!


Image Courtesy of the 49ers

Usually a visit from Flair on a Saturday night does not result in good Sunday. But on that day, he gave a pep talk to the team before their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. All it takes is a “Wooooooo!” from Flair to rile up a crowd. Ric went further and declared the 49ers, “the team in his heart.” That was more than enough to carry the 49ers to victory over the Packers. That and a last second field goal.

Some might consider the Dallas Cowboys America’s team but the San Francisco 49ers are a part of Flair Country now. By the laws of wrestling, that makes them Wrestling’s team.

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