Snapshots: Respect the Buzzards

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At the end of this week’s RAW, the last RAW of 2013, Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family. Based on the RAW Recap, the WWE Universe was left stunned and confused by the events: we don’t know if Daniel Bryan joined the Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan so he can teleport in and around ringside or  if he just looking for beard grooming tips. Or maybe the in-ring chemistry between Daniel Bryan and Luke Harper is so strong, that they’d rather team up instead of fight each other. Maybe Bucky Sentry saw this coming.

3MB_RespectTheBeard_FollowTheBuzzardsBucky created the image on the right, “Follow the Buzzards,” a clever take on Daniel Bryan’s “Respect the Beard” design. Maybe Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt family is just the first step in putting together an all-bearded faction, like the ZZ Top of wrestling. Beard or Buzzard, you’re family.

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