Cheap Pop: @midnight

In Cheap Pop, 3MBooth Discusses Random Topics With a Slight Historical Bend

Who knew that hugging CM Punk would affect Chris Hardwick so much? After embracing CM Punk on Talking Dead, the post Walking Dead talk show where Hardwick is the hosts and Punk was a guest, Hardwick invited Punk to his Nerdist podcast. Soon after, Chris Jericho appeared on the podcast (twice!) and on Talking Dead. To round out this group of legendary talkers, WWE Hall of Famer / New York Times best selling author Mick Foley has been on the podcast as well. Hardwick has even gone toe-to-toe against WWE Superstars! No, not in the ring; he’s not Maria Menounos. On the Nerdist All Star Celebrity Bowling, the media mogul led his team to a narrow victory over CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Fandango and AJ Lee.

But now, Hardwick has a new show on Comedy Central and is showing his appreciation for wrestlers from the start. @midnight is a comedy disguised as a game show. Hardwick, naturally, is the host, awarding points to his guests, usually comedians, for their quippy answers to questions about  pop culture events, reddit forums and fictional buzzfeed lists.


@midnight has a segment that taps into Chris’ newfound fandom. The Iron Sheik: Real or Jabroni takes tweets from the Iron Sheik and lets contestants guess whether he is tweeting about something he likes (The Real) or something he hates (Jabroni). For example, what does the Iron Sheik think of the 2004 movie White Chicks?


It’s the real!


@midnight airs new episodes starting tonight. Not only does it have an Iron Sheikh segment, he also considers it the real!

And he’s not the only wrestler. Colt Cabana, Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler all have high praise for the show and have taken part in the hashtag war, coming up with titles or names like #BoringVideoGames and #DietMusicians. Maybe one day, there will be an all wrestler episode. I can think of 3 candidates.

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