So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season Finale (12/15/13)


The Bella Twins are talking about food and their periods. Nikki is concerned that she didn’t get her period and her nipples are huge. Nikki reveals that she bought a pregnancy test. Brie Bella questions why Nikki would get a pregnancy test and do it at work.

The Bella Twins go over the instructions of the pregnancy test. Apparently, Brie is confused on how they work and Nikki has to explain how it’s used.

Nikki Bella finds out she’s not pregnant.

Nikki Bella imagines what would happen if she couldn’t have wine for the next 6 months. Brie says that Nikki would’ve been a raging bitch for months.

Tyson Kidd is trying to wake Natalya up, but she is hungover. Natalya checks her phone and sees that she got a text from Stephanie McMahon. The text says: “I got all of your voicemails last night and we will talk about them at RAW.” Tyson jokes that Nattie shouldn’t have entered Brie Mode.


Natalya calls Brie Bella and asks what happened last night. Brie tells Natalya that she was definitely in Brie Mode as a flashback plays of Natalya and the others drunk in New Orleans. Natalya doesn’t remember any of this, and tells Brie to keep this between them. Tyson Kidd jokes that Natalya should give Stephanie McMahon some beads and a feather mask.

At RAW, Mark Corano scolds Natalya for calling Stephanie McMahon drunk. Natalya says she doesn’t remember doing this, but Mark tells her that she did, because they have the calls. Natalya plans to avoid Stephanie McMahon for as long as possible.

Eva Marie, Jojo and Natalya are having their first match on RAW. Naomi and Cam’ron are shown watching this match.

Eva Marie is happy to have a successful match.

After RAW, Eva Marie and her fiancé, Jonathan are driving to her house for her birthday and to tell them that they’re engaged. Jonathan is concerned about telling her family and upsetting them, but Eva Marie thinks they need to tell him.


Eva Marie goes back home, greets her Mom and introduces her fiancé Jonathan. An Eva Marie standee is also just in the background.

Meanwhile, at John Cena’s house, Nikki Bella brings over a bunch of her friends from Hooters for a Girl’s Weekend. John Cena agreed to let them come over. The girls all have fun with Nikki Bella taking a tour of his house and using Cena’s pool.

After joking around and having fun, one of Nikki Bella’s friends asks Nikki about the “kid friendly pool” that they have, but Nikki reveals that John Cena does not want kids. Nikki claims she’s okay with this, but her friends think she’s lying.

Eva Marie greets and hugs her Father, then introduces him to Jonathan. Eva Marie’s Father is surprised that they have been dating for a couple of months. Eva Marie’s Dad mocks Jonathan’s size while Eva Marie thinks they’re destined to fail.

While at dinner, Eva Marie’s Father and Brothers make fun of Jonathan’s nose rings and tattoos. Jonathan admits that he has Eva Marie’s tattooed on his arm. Eva Marie’s family is not pleased by this, and her brothers give Jonathan grief for not only the tattoo, but not wearing an actual shirt.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are going on a trip to relax.

After arriving at their destination, Brie jokes that this will be the first time that they poop in front of each other. Brie continues to joke that they could make eye contact while using the bathroom. Bryan thinks it’s weird.

John Cena takes Nikki Bella and her friends out to a very nice dinner. While at the dinner, one of her friends admits to using the bathroom in the sink.

One of Nikki Bella’s friends starts talking about children. Nikki’s friends start to ask John Cena about marriage and children. Cena reveals his reasons for not wanting children or getting married.


Eva Marie and Jonathan are having breakfast with Eva Marie’s family.

After some small talk, Eva Marie reveals that another reason she came out here was to get everyone’s blessing about marrying Jonathan. Eva Marie’s family asks blessing for what, and Jonathan says that he wants their blessing to marry Eva Marie.

Eva Marie’s brothers think that Eva Marie and Jonathan are in puppy love and reveals that Eva Marie was once engaged before and it didn’t work out.

Eva Marie’s Family is caught off guard by this, then ask Eva Marie if they already bought a ring. After Eva Marie reveals a ring, her Father gets upset that he already bought a ring and refuses to give his blessing.


Eva Marie tells her family that despite not getting their blessing, that this is the happiest she’s ever been. Eva Marie’s Mom tells Eva Marie that if she gets a divorce, she will never set foot in this house again.

Eva Marie decides to leave the house as her brothers call her childish and immature for walking away and not having a real talk about this. Eva Marie’s Mom wants her to calm down and think this through.

While driving, Eva Marie tells Jonathan that since her family did not give their blessing, that they should elope. Eva Marie tells Jonathan that when she gets off the road, they should go to Las Vegas and elope. Jonathan agrees, but Eva Marie says she wants to get a nice dress first.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are still on their vacation. Bryan jokes about John Cena and Nikki Bella being fans of this place for 10 minutes max. Bryan and Brie go on a beautiful hike together.

As Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella enjoy their hike, Bryan tells Brie that it has been 2 years, 7 Months and 10 Days since they kissed.

Daniel Bryan tells Brie Bella wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and gets on one knee for Brie. Daniel Bryan proposes to Brie Bella. Brie Bella says “YES!”


After the proposal, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella walk to the forest. Bryan surprises Brie with a visit from both of their families. The two families celebrate by having dinner together. While at dinner, Bryan tells Nikki that they had kept this all a secret from Brie.

Nikki Bella starts to think about what if she never gets married and has kids, and talks to her Mother about this. Nikki’s Mom tells her that if she feels strongly about this, she needs to voice her opinions about marriage and children.

At RAW, Cam’ron asks Natalya if she made any phone calls today. Natalya tells Cam’ron that she left 9 Voicemails for Stephanie McMahon. Cam’ron tells Natalya that she tried to take the phone from her, as we see a flashback of Natalya calling Stephanie and yelling at Cam’ron, Naomi, Brie and Jimmy Uso.

Brie Bella tells everyone that Natalya drunk dialed Stephanie McMahon. Cam’ron reminds Natalya that Nattie called her a stripper. We get a flashback of Natalya calling Cam’ron a stripper, who danced like a prostitute and tells Cam’ron to work at Hooters. Brie brings up that she worked at Hooters for 3 years.

The Divas continue to make fun of Natalya for calling Stephanie McMahon at 5:00 AM, trying to push ideas.

Natalya storms off as the Divas start talking about Brie Bella’s engagement ring. Eva Marie talks about her own plans to get married, and how she always wanted to have her Father walk her down the aisle.

Nikki Bella gets the official word that she’s cleared to wrestle again.

Natalya is walking to the back, but runs into Fandango. Natalya tells Fandango about her Drunk Dialing Stephanie McMahon.


After joking around with Natalya, Fandango tells her to just talk to Stephanie.

Brie Bella reveals that WWE wants to put her and Daniel Bryan in a storyline.

Natalya finally meets with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie decides to play all of Natalya’s voicemails one by one.


First Natalya wants to be Divas Champion. Second, she doesn’t want to be frustrated at work. Third, she really thinks she would make a great Divas Champion. Fourth, Natalya is pissed that Stephanie won’t get back to her. Fifth, Natalya reveals she’s not wearing any underwear and is ready to ride.

Natalya tries to apologize, but Stephanie McMahon plays more voicemails. Drunk Natalya tells Stephanie she wants to be used more.  Drunk Natalya also quit the WWE at some point.

Stephanie McMahon tells Natalya that she can talk to her whenever she wants, which is why she gave Natalya her phone number. Stephanie talks about Natalya about their history and her family history, but tells Natalya to get it together.

Stephanie McMahon and Natalya make up and hug each other. Stephanie jokes about playing the saving the voicemails and playing them for Natalya’s Father someday.

Nikki Bella has her return match with Brie Bella and Eva Marie. After the match, Eva Marie and Jonathan are talking about eloping. Jonathan wants to elope at City Hall. Eva Marie doesn’t want to get married at City Hall or get married so quickly, then not see him for months.

Jonathan tells Eva Marie that he doesn’t care how long it takes, he just wants to marry her. Eva Marie tells Jonathan that she can’t get married right now and wants her Father to walk her down the altar someday.

John Cena and Nikki Bella sit down to talk and have wine. Nikki tells John Cena that she wants kids and a marriage and that without it, she would miss out on a huge part of life. Cena tells her he honestly can’t give her that. John Cena apologizes for giving Nikki Bella false hope and says he will never give her false hope again. Nikki tells John that this news means she has to rethink thinks about their relationship.

So That Happened:


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