So That Happened: #RAW Recap (12/16/13)


RAW begins with the WWE Superstars standing on stage.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Triple H is holding Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon welcomes the WWE Universe to a historic edition of Monday Night RAW. Stephanie says that it’s time for everyone around the world, including WWE Superstars past, present and future to pay respect and honor one man. Triple H adds on that we are witnessing the dawn of a new era. Triple H introduces the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton, then brings Orton out.

Randy Orton walks out and stares at the WWE Superstars and Divas. Randy Orton looks at John Cena, then Daniel Bryan before raising his titles high in the air.


Randy Orton says it’s a nice feeling when your faith is rewarded, then blames the WWE Universe for not having faith into him. Orton claims the WWE Universe bought into the lie that he has been handed everything in his career, but Orton says he proved at TLC, that when an opportunity presents itself, he takes it.

Randy Orton says last week he stood in this ring with former WWE Champions, Legends and Hall Of Famers and none of them have accomplished what he has accomplished. Orton turns his attention to the rest of the WWE Lockerroom, saying that where he stands and where they stand is appropriate, because it represents just how much better he is than all of them.

Randy Orton claims he’s the most powerful person standing in this ring, and the Champion of Champions. Orton continues to brag about himself until John Cena calls him an idiot. John Cena tells Orton that he’s not here to ruin Orton’s moment, but since Orton has trouble speaking sometimes, Cena is just going to summarize what he was going to say. Cena makes fun of Orton’s nicknames, then says that not only did he save Orton the embarrassment, but he also saved the WWE Universe from not having to listen to Orton speak for 20 minutes.

John Cena congratulates Randy Orton on his victory at TLC and says that night, Orton was the better champion. Cena reminds Orton of something Stone Cold Steve Austin once said about the WWE Championship: The Championship forces you every night to put up or shut up. Cena says Orton’s talked enough, so tonight Orton needs to put up or shut up.

Randy Orton calls John Cena out on trying to get a rematch tonight, but Cena says he wasn’t talking about himself. Cena says he wants to be WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but last week, he promised Daniel Bryan a fair match, because unlike Randy Orton, he listens to the WWE Universe. Cena tells Orton that tonight, he should face Daniel Bryan.

The WWE Universe chants “YES!” but Randy Orton refuses to give Daniel Bryan a World Heavyweight Title Match, since he doesn’t care what the people think. Orton tries to get Cena thrown out by security, but Cena tells Orton that a he may not care about the people, but he cares about being the greatest of all time. Cena thinks facing Daniel Bryan is a great way for Orton to prove his legacy.

John Cena calls Randy Orton out on being scared, but Orton says he’s not scared, he just doesn’t have to listen to Cena, Daniel Bryan, the WWE Universe or anybody else. Stephanie McMahon corrects Orton, telling him that he has to listen to the Authority.

Randy Orton tells Stephanie McMahon that giving Daniel Bryan a WWE World Heavyweight Championship is not Best For Business, then gets concerned about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon whispering to each other.


Triple H agrees with Randy Orton, saying that at this time, Daniel Bryan does not deserve a title match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie McMahon adds on that, for reasons she can’t understand, the WWE Universe voted Daniel Bryan the Superstar Of The Year. Triple H reminds Orton that one thing they always do, is listen to the WWE Universe.

Randy Orton tries to get out of the match by saying that he was in a war at TLC. Triple H tells Randy Orton that he can’t think of a better way to kick off the Champion Of Champions Era, by having a match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan. the WWE Universe and several WWE Superstars celebrate by chanting “YES!”

Match 01: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Rey Mysterio and Big Show

The WWE Universe voted Big Show and Rey Mysterio as Cody Rhodes and Goldust’s opponents:

Rey Mysterio does a lazy plancha to Cody Rhodes.

The RAW Commentary Team actually decided to take a selfie during this match:


Goldust gets the hot tag.

Big Show knocks out Goldust.

Rey Mysterio stands on Big Show’s shoulders and splashes him.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Big Show

Post-Match, Cody Rhodes and Goldust shake hands with Rey Mysterio and Big Show.

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