Snapshots: Real Americans

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Zeb Colter started out as a politically charged fire-starter, aggressively throwing out rampant accusations at Alberto del Rio and Sin Cara. He claimed that illegal immigrants like them were stealing jobs and opportunities from ‘Real Americans’ like Jack Swagger. Initially, his commentary was met – throughout most of America – with boos; lately, his still been booed. But then, there’s a loud outcry of “We The People!” IS it a sign of support? Maybe but not for Colter’s opinion (Frankly, someone who calls Santa Claus an illegal immigrant should never be cheered). The popularity of The Real Americans, specifically Antonio Cesaro’s Giant Swing and Jack Swagger’s … hair, is in contrast to Colter’s commentary. Zeb Colter’s America has tons of mustache wax, track jackets with cool embroidered nicknames like Toni (for Antoni Cesaro) and Big Hoss (for Jack Swagger) and synchronized sprints and flag tosses. It’s Williamsburg with wrestling, which is enticing enough to enlist. That is why Bucky Sentry created a take-off of the famous Uncle Sam “Enlist” poster for Zeb Colter’s America.

3MB_YOU_tshirtsBut in wrestling, you can’t throw around worlds like “Real American” or “YOU!” without thinking of the man that mixed the red and yellow with the red, white and blue: Hulk Hogan. In the same spirit as the “Enlist” poster, CoinboxTees swapped Hulk Hogan for Uncle Sam. Instead of a top hat, there’s a red, white and blue bandana. The 24 inch pythons represent the right to bear arms. And of course, a blond handlebar mustache that makes Zeb Colter envious.

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