Nation Of Animation: The Many Dances Of Stephanie McMahon

In Nation Of Animation, 3MBooth will spotlight wrestlers using animated gifs

Over the past few months, Stephanie McMahon and the Authority have been ruling over the WWE. Whether it’s physically or verbally abusing a Superstar, putting them in a handicap match, or just handing them a simple Bed, Bath and Beyond Giftcard, Stephanie McMahon has been ruthless. However, last week on RAW, Stephanie McMahon was knocked down by Randy Orton after Daniel Bryan countered Orton’s RKO. After some concern, Stephanie seemed fine, but it seems knocking into Orton also knocked some fun back into the Billion Dollar Princess.



(Gifs courtesy of wrestling-giffer)

Yes. That is our very own #CoolMomSteph performing Booker T’s Spin-A-Roonie after RAW!

We at Three Man Booth understand that Stephanie McMahon is one of the Principle Owners of the WWE and needs to maintain a corporate image that is #BestForBusiness, but it was fun to see Stephanie McMahon let her guard down and have some fun. In fact, we enjoyed it so much, that we’re going to share some more moments of #CoolMomSteph’s dance moves!

The Thug Clap (from WWE Invasion, 2001):


The Queendom Shuffle (from WWE Global Warning, 2002)


The Millions Of Dollars (From a Be A Star Event):

stephmillions stephmillions02

(Gif courtesy of OhYeahStephanie)

And last, but certainly not least,

The I’m Not Supposed To Like This Song, But It’s Catchy (From RAW):


(Courtesy of Shadwick)

We know you have a lot on your plate, Stephanie McMahon, and we respect you for it. Just remember that to take a dance break every once in a while.

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