So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (12/08/13)


Nikki Bella watches John Cena rehab his injury with a stimulator. Nikki makes fun of John Cena’s arm twitching, saying that it looks like he’s dancing or having a seizure. Cena says it’s trying to pump the fluid out of his elbow.

Nikki Bella asks that if she puts the device on her boobs, will it pop her implant. Cena wants to try it out for the “good of science.” They decide to do a boob test, but with John Cena’s chest.


Nikki Bella turns the stimulator on John Cena’s chest. Cena pretends that it shocked his heart, which scares Nikki. Cena reveals he’s just fine and Nikki playfully gets upset.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are working out. Bryan claims John Cena would laugh at how much weight he’s lifting, then asks Brie Bella about her match at Divas Title Match at Night Of Champions against Natalya, Naomi and AJ Lee.

Brie Bella tells Daniel Bryan that she’s nervous, because she’s been without Nikki for 5 months and if she fails, people are going to think she needs Nikki. Bryan thinks being by yourself is important, since there’s no Divas Tag Team Championship and that the nervousness will eventually be a good thing, because people will notice Brie for Brie.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd come home and play with their cats. Natalya thinks that since Tyson Kidd has been injured, he and Gismo have gotten really close. Natalya puts a Christmas hat on Gismo, which Tyson Kidd calls “animal cruelty.”

Jimmy Uso and Naomi are going ring shopping since her current engagement ring snags her clothes. Jimmy Uso jokes around about the prices and how expensive a ring is.


Natalya gets the news that Tyson Kidd will be back on the road! Natalya shares the news with Eva Marie.


Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are talking about Brie’s match tonight as Nikki Bella gets her curls been put in. The conversation switches to The Bella Twins sex life. Nikki jokes about how Daniel Bryan and Brie can go for months without having sex. Brie jokes that Nikki can’t go two weeks without sex.

Brie Bella is spotlighted in the ring as AJ Lee does commentary.

Naomi is getting a haircut, while Jimmy Uso gets concerned that she’s cutting off so much hair.


Naomi reveals that she’s going to be in Jet Magazine. Jimmy Uso and Naomi check out Jet Magazine. Jimmy Uso is concerned about Naomi being spotlighted in a 2-piece bikini.

Tyson Kidd calls Natalya and tells her that Gismo passed out today. Natalya rushes home to take Gismo to the vet. Natalya reveals that Gismo has a Polycystic kidney disease.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya take Gismo to the vet. The doctors try and take care of him as Natalya cries on Tyson’s shoulder.

The Bella Twins are shopping and talking about wine and cheese . Brie Bella reminds Nikki Bella that she’s lactose intolerant. Nikki says she takes lactate pills, but Brie makes a joke about Nikki’s gas smelling bad. Nikki talks about Brie’s farting last night and blaming it on her feet.

Brie Bella asks Nikki if she’s coming with her to the ring after she’s done cleaning the house. Nikki says that wasn’t the deal, then calls Brie a “dumdum.” Brie doesn’t like Nikki’s Great Gazoo reference, and thinks Nikki isn’t even trying to get back into the ring.

Nikki Bella thinks Brie should try and get stronger without her. Brie tells Nikki she has been getting stronger, while Nikki has been at the pool getting massages. Nikki knows that her body isn’t ready yet. Brie jokes that she’s going to take the guitar and smash it over Nikki’s head, then thinks that would be a cool thing to do at the PPV.

Eva Marie talks Cam’ron about a bruise on her boob. Eva Marie thinks she got it from her training. Cam’ron jokes that it was because she was getting her boob sucked on too long.

Natalya is informed by Dr. Gicking, Gismo’s Veterinarian that Gismo had a stroke and seizures, and that he lost function in the right side of his body. Dr. Gicking thinks the best thing to do in this situation is to put Gismo to sleep. Natalya breaks the news to Tyson Kidd, who doesn’t want to be at work right now because of this situation. Tyson and Natalya hug.

The Funkadactyls meet with Mark. Naomi tells Cam’ron to not to put her booty meat on the furniture.

Mark informs Naomi that she will be used a love interest in another storyline with another WWE Superstar. Mark asks her if she’s okay with this. Naomi wants to do the storyline because she doesn’t turn down an opportunity. Cam’ron thinks this is great news for the Funkadactyls.

Brie Bella is getting ready for her match, when Nikki Bella walks up and puts her foot on Brie Bella’s leg to lotion up. Nikki says she did it because has no panties on. Brie is disgusted.

Nikki Bella is watching Brie Bella have a match. After Brie’s match, Mark asks Nikki, Eva Marie and JoJo their thoughts on Brie’s progress. Mark tells Nikki that Brie is doing well as a singles star, then asks her what their plans are. Nikki tells Mark she’s still hurt, but Mark tells Nikki that they can’t wait forever for her to heal. Nikki refuses to let anyone take her out of the storylines.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd talk about his return match tonight. Natalya tries to tell Tyson to stay focused despite everything that’s going on and that tonight’s match is for Gismo. Tyson Kidd starts to get choked up.

While Tyson Kidd has his return match, Natalya is concerned about his injury and his mental stability. Tyson ends up winning his return match against NXT Champion, Bo Dallas.

Natalya tells Tyson Kidd how great he did in his match, and says that his victory was for Gismo. Tyson Kidd starts to get choked up again, which surprises Natalya since he never cries about anything. Natalya and Tyson agree to make Gismo feel loved.

Naomi and Sandra are going to Naomi’s Jet magazine photoshoot. Naomi picks out a one-piece because she knows Jimmy Uso would prefer that.

Naomi speaks with the editor-in-chief, Mitzi Miller, from Jet Magazine, who would prefer Naomi to show more skin. Naomi goes with the two-piece and starts to do her photoshoot.

Jimmy Uso walks in and sees Naomi in a two-piece. Jimmy asks Sandra why Naomi isn’t wearing a two-piece. Sandra tells Naomi that Jimmy Uso needs to bring it down a notch.

Dr. Gicking lets Naomi and Tyson Kidd know that no matter what treatment they do, it’s not looking good for Gismo. The doctor suggests that they euthanize him. Natalya and Tyson Kidd have one last moment with Gismo before they put him to sleep.

The Total Divas (JoJo included) are having brunch before Night Of Champions.

Natalya lets the Total Divas know that Gismo died. Natalya wants to preserve Gismo’s memory and not have him live in a vase. Brie Bella tells Natalya that Gismo’s soul will always live on, but Nikki changes the subject to her. Nikki asks Brie if she died, would Brie put her in an urn. Brie Bella refuses.

Nikki Bella jokes about Brie needing her eyebrows trimmed. Brie tells Nikki that she’s been on the road, so she hasn’t had a chance, unlike Nikki who can lay by the pool and getting a tan. Nikki jokes that Brie is out of control with her singles run, but Brie says that she’s been working hard while Nikki has been on vacation.

Nikki Bella reminds Brie about the severity of her injury, but Brie tells Nikki that she’s been doing the last 5 months on her own. Nikki jokes that Brie is nervous because Nikki is the better athlete. Brie fires back by saying that when Nikki comes back, she’s going to have to teach her how to wrestle again since she thinks Nikki forgot.


Naomi is getting her wardrobe modified by Sandra, when Mark walks up and tells her that he wants to have a meeting with her.

Mark tells Naomi that Jimmy Uso came up and expressed his concerns about Naomi’s upcoming love storyline. Mark tells Naomi that talent doing things like this while make it hard for them to represent her. Naomi wants these opportunities and is upset that Jimmy tried to do this, and tells Talent Relations that she will handle it.

Naomi talks with Brodus Clay about her situation with Jimmy Uso. Brodus Clay thinks Jimmy is overreacting because it’s a storyline and it’s not real.

Brodus Clay lets Naomi know that she needs to talk to Jimmy because if he tries to ruin storylines, it’ll cost Naomi money and it’ll cost Brodus Clay money.

The Bella Twins take photos in their Rainbow Bella Brite outfits.

Naomi asks Jimmy Uso to speak outside with him for a second. Naomi scolds Jimmy Uso for trying to ruin her storyline and ruin a big opportunity for her.

Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that he’s uncomfortable with someone else kissing her and would rather be the one kissing her instead of anyone else. Naomi tries to stress that they’re actors and that it’s not real. Jimmy Uso doesn’t want other guys kissing her and Naomi tells her not to worry about him anymore.


The Bella Twins and Eva Marie get ready to walk out to the ring as JoJo compliments their outfits. Before they all go to the ring, Nikki Bella and Eva Marie are informed that they want Brie Bella to come out to the ring solo.

Natalya talks about the importance of tonight’s Fatal Four Way. Nikki Bella is concerned that WWE is moving on without her. AJ Lee wins the match.

After the match, Brie Bella walks over to Nikki and their Mom, Kathy. Nikki Bella hugs Brie Bella and tells her that not only was she amazing, but she was the best one out there. Nikki tells Brie that tonight proved how amazing she did on her own, but Brie loves being Bella Twin. Brie jokes that even though she loves being a Bella, she also loves being a badass.

Nikki Bella makes fun of Brie Bella’s small boobs, then jokes that Brie wants what Nikki has. Brie reminds Nikki and her Mom that they all used to have the same-sized boobs. Nikki calls Brie out for calling out their Mom on getting implants.


Naomi is about to leave the arena, but Jimmy Uso walks up to her and apologizes. Nikki Bella tells Jimmy Uso that she’s not riding with him tonight. Jimmy Uso asks Naomi who she’s riding with, but she refuses to tell him because she doesn’t want him to get jealous. Jimmy Uso apologizes, but Naomi doesn’t believe him.

Jimmy Uso apologizes again and says he’s not trying to hold her back. Naomi knows this, but tells Jimmy that when he does this, it takes away from opportunities her. Jimmy Uso apologizes and reveals his insecurities about Naomi leaving him for another guy.

Naomi tells Jimmy Uso that she’s confident in their relationship that no one can break them up. Jimmy Uso and Naomi make up.

Tyson Kidd comes home with a new cat for Natalya. Natalya falls in love with the cat and names him Louie. Not just Louie. King Louie.

Natalya rushes off to find clothes for King Louie. Natalya puts King Louie in an outfit, just like Gismo.


So That Happened:

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