So That Happened: #TotalDivas (12/01/13)

Naomi is trying out her new gear from Sandra, but her top is coming out.

Naomi jokes that she always has problems with her “cookies” and “potatoes” coming out, then starts bouncing up and down in her top.

Brie Bella talks about Nikki Bella being injured. Brie mentions that it’s been 5 months since Nikki has been able to wrestle. Brie says she’s starting to miss Nikki by her side.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are having a day to themselves in John Cena’s house.

Nikki Bella tells Cena that nothing in his home is personal and warm, and thinks he should put some candles and photos in here. Cena is more into trying to get the fireplace to work.


In order to create a brand for herself and make that “chingle chingle,” Cam’ron is recording her a song, “Bye Bye.” Vincent thinks it’s a hit.

After the recording, Cam’ron gives Vincent a headscissors, then play wrestles in the studio.

Cam’ron is talking to Vincent about building his brand. Vincent is okay with his job of selling hookah (For 8 years.)

Cam’ron suggests that Vincent tries out for NXT. Vincent isn’t too up to the idea and thinks it’s crazy. Cam’ron convinces him to do it.

Jimmy Uso reluctantly gives Naomi a foot massage. After joking about odor, Naomi’s Dad calls and asks to stay at her place since his band is going to be in town next week.

Naomi tells him that the place is small, but he can stay there. Jimmy Uso asks Naomi if her Dad likes him. Naomi tells Jimmy that her Dad likes him and says her Dad is important and not some random girl from middle school that she knows. Jimmy Uso jokes that he would like to get to know the girl from middle school and Naomi starts hitting him.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are on their way to a restaurant. Nikki doess a bad parking job and Cena jokes about needing to get the front bumper fixed.

While at a restaurant, Cena tells Nikki that he can’t wait to get back to work, and that he’s upset that he had to DVR RAW. Nikki tries to tell Cena that it’s good for him to be away from work, but Cena disagrees. Cena says that he’s stranded on a desert island and spends his time banging his head on the wall during RAW.

Nikki Bella suggests that she and John Cena can do stuff together while he’s home. Nikki suggests putting photos and candles up in the home, but Cena is reluctant, but Nikki calls him weird and threatens to squash his nuts.

Cam’ron and Vincent are walking Cam’ron’s dog, Glitty. Cam’ron and Vincent start racing. After the race, Cam’ron gets a call from Bill DeMott. DeMott tells Cam’ron that Vincent will have an audition to try out for NXT. Cam’ron tells Vincent the news and he’s not too excited. However, Vinnie promises to do “good” at his tryout.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi are trying to figure out what movie to watch. They are interrupted by Naomi’s Father, Shawn, who walks in and asks if Jimmy and Naomi are doing “the nasty.” Naomi is excited to spend time with her Father since she doesn’t see him often.

Naomi and her Dad bond and joke around about never seeing each other. Jimmy Uso looks uncomfortable.

Nikki Bella comes back from the gym puts her dirty clothes in the wrong hamper. John Cena lectures her about the two different hampers: Dirty Clothes and Workout Clothes. Cena gives Nikki an example by putting his socks in the dirty hamper, then imitates the hampers talking. Nikki thinks Cena has OCD.

Vincent has his try-out match for NXT. Four minutes later, he does poorly.

Bill DeMott tells Vincent to think about if he really wants this and to come back later for Round 2.


Back at the hotel, Vincent is complaining about the wounds he received during NXT. Cam’ron makes fun of it and calls them war wounds. Vincent tells Cam’ron that he doesn’t think he can do this, but Cam’ron tells him that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Vincent reluctantly agrees to give it 110% again.

Nikki Bella is driving on the phone with her sister, Brie, complaining about John Cena’s “OCD.”

Nikki tells Brie that Cena only has alcohol in the house; no solid foods or anything else, since he doesn’t want his house to be stained on ruined. Brie asks Nikki if she will be able to handle this and Nikki thinks she can and compares her current living situation to like when virgins live with each other and have sex for the first time.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi are trying to sleep. Naomi’s Dad walks up and asks if they’re doing the nasty. Naomi claims she doesn’t do that.

Naomi’s Dad makes a sandwich and talks to Naomi for a bit. Naomi’s Dad offers Jimmy Uso a sandwich, but he declines. Jimmy isn’t happy that Naomi’s Dad is keeping him up.

It’s Day 2 of Vincent’s NXT Tryout. Bill DeMott wants Vincent to run the ropes. Vincent runs the ropes…poorly.

Bill DeMott has Cam’ron show Vincent how to run the ropes.

Bill DeMott tries to teach Vincent how to bump, but Vincent is breathing heavily and exhausted.

Bill DeMott stops Vincent from training and wishes him well on his future endeavors.

A defeated Vincent walks back to the car with Cam’ron. Cam’ron says he tried his best, but Vincent starts to cry. Vincent is upset that he looked like a fool out there.

Eva Marie is talking with Sandra, when Mark walks up and tells Eva that she’s Eva Marie about to be scanned for her first action figure.

Eva Marie gets scanned for her action figure and jokes about making her boobs bigger for bigger sales. Natalya is surprised that Eva Marie is getting scanned so quickly since she still has much to learn. Natalya thinks it’s because Eva Marie is hot, then calls her a “hooch.”


After a match, Jimmy Uso walks up to Naomi and kisses her. Jimmy asks Naomi if she’s ready to go home and Naomi tells him that she’ll ask her Dad to make them food. Jimmy Uso complains, saying that he doesn’t want her Dad making him sandwiches and playing the guitar at 2AM. Jimmy Uso wants to be naked with his girl in his house.

Naomi tells Jimmy Uso that her Dad likes staying there and if he wants him gone, he’s going to have to tell her to leave. Jimmy Uso says if he tells her, she’s not going to like it. Jimmy asks Naomi to think about it, then walks off.


Cam’ron feels bad about Vincent’s tryout, so she takes him out to dinner. Cam’ron asks Vincent what’s going on with him and he tells her about his dreams to open up a Hookah bar in the summer. Cam’ron is happy for him and wants to support him.

John Cena walks in and sees Nikki Bella making dinner. Cena is shocked to see her doing this.

Rather than be excited for dinner, John Cena is more concerned that Nikki doesn’t mess up the marble tiles.


Nikki suggests getting mats for when they eat at home, but Cena thought this was was only a one time surprise. Nikki starts washing dishes, and Cena gets concerned that water will spill on the floor because it’ll warp the floor.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena that it’s uncomfortable to live in his house and he makes it uncomfortable to live here because of all of his rules. Nikki walks off angry, complaining that living in Cena’s house is like living in a museum.

John Cena talks plays chess with his friend Rob McIntyre, talking about his issues with Nikki Bella.

Cena tells Rob that he likes keeping things a certain way in his house and he accidentally came down on her because she kept breaking his rules. Rob tells Cena that everything Nikki did sounds nice, but Cena got upset because it wasn’t done his way. Rob suggests that if Cena doesn’t like it, then he should never interact with anyone ever. Rob beats Cena at Chess, then Cena thanks him for the advice.

Jimmy Uso, Naomi and Natalya are at Naomi’s Dad’s concert. Jimmy Uso vents his frustrations to Natalya about Naomi’s Dad, while Naomi tries to defend him. Natalya sees both sides of the situation and thinks they need to figure out something that works for both of them.

Naomi’s Dad performs with Naomi. After the performance, Naomi invites the band back to their house to party. Jimmy Uso is against this since he needs to get up in the morning. Naomi tells Jimmy Uso that she never sees her Dad and doesn’t want to pass up this opportunity.

Back at the house, Naomi’s Dad and the band come back to party at Jimmy and Naomi’s.


Jimmy Uso is frustrated and complains to Naomi that he has to get up tomorrow. Jimmy Uso wants Naomi to shut the party down, but Naomi doesn’t want to since she never sees her Dad. Jimmy asks to have this conversation outside.

Outside, Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that he has to get up tomorrow. Naomi says that she never sees her Dad or the band, and that everyone is having a good time with them. Jimmy Uso gives Naomi an ultimatum: Either he goes or her Dad and the band goes. Naomi refuses to kick the band out, and Jimmy Uso decides to leave. Naomi is upset that Jimmy Uso isn’t at the party anymore.

Nikki Bella comes back to John Cena’s house to a surprise. Cena has lit candles, brought flowers and bought two photo frames. Cena tells Nikki that she was right, and that this isn’t a house, this is their house. Cena loves Nikki and doesn’t want his stupid habits getting in the way of anything.

Naomi is walking with her Dad. Naomi’s Dad asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that her and Jimmy Uso have been fighting because of him. Naomi tells her Dad that Jimmy Uso is her man and she has to do what’s right for them. Naomi’s Dad is upset, but understands. Naomi tells her Dad that he will always be the man in his life.

So That Happened:

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