Santa with Muscles: Christmas Sweaters

In Santa with Muscles, ThreeManBooth talks about Wrestling related
items that may make great gifts during this Holiday Season.

Yesterday, we spotlighted 2 Santa Claus themed t-shirts for the wrestling fan on your Holiday shopping list. Well, depending on what part of the world you’re in, a t-shirt is not the best weather for this time of year. Luckily for the colder parts of world, there are wrestling themed Christmas sweaters!


Image Courtesy of Squared Circle Clothing

Squared Circle Clothing took the idea of the Christmas sweater and infused it with elements of pro wrestling. Barbed Wire adorns the sweater instead of the tradtional tinsel. Tables, Chairs and Sledgehammers are artfully arranged. A Christmas tree stands in the middle of the ring with 2 people climbing it, as if it’s a ladder. There’s a spin on the name and catchphrase of the Holiday Season Christmasmania and Ho! Ho! Ho! along with two classic Wrestling phrases: A Winner is You from the classic NES videogame Pro Wrestling and “It’s Still Real to Me,” reworking it to refer to Santa Claus instead of Wrestling.


Image Courtesy of ShirtgunWedding

For those that prefer red and yellow instead of red and white, then Shirtgun Wedding is there for you. They not only have a Wrestling themed Christmas Sweater, they have a Hulk Hogan themed Christmas Sweater. Because when it comes crashing down and you got socks as a present again, what’s more comforting than looking down at your sweater and seeing that trademark blond handlebar mustache? Okay fine, a lot a things. Buy the sweater anyway.

Visit Squared Circle Clothing and Shirtgun Wedding to grab these sweaters. They have other awesome items for sale too but Christmas / Holiday sweaters are only fashionable during this time of the year. Plus, sweaters take longer to be made so they’re only for a limited time.

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1 Response to Santa with Muscles: Christmas Sweaters

  1. bobotron50 says:

    Hey our Hulk Hogan sweater is available again this year, in very limited supply. URL has moved:

    And we also have a new one this year, not quite wrestling but a Roddy Piper connection. “They Live”:

    Thanks for featuring us!


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