So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (11/24/13)


Nikki Bella is driving with her cohabitation agreement. Nikk calls Brie Bella and tells her the details of the cohabitation agreement. The cohabitation agreement states that if Nikki is asked to leave the home, she will do it and take her stuff with her. Nikki is confused by the whole thing.

Brie Bella tells Nikki Bella that Daniel Bryan would never do that to him and tells Nikki that this cohabitation agreement makes her scared for her. Brie questions if John Cena is serious about her.


Cam’ron is ready to go to bed, but Vincent wants to have sex for the first time in a month. Cam’ron is going through medical problems, so it hurts to have sex.

Cam’ron also reveal that Vincent having a huge penis doesn’t help. Vincent says he can’t change his huge “winky” and Cam’ron suggests that Vincent get a penis reduction.

Nikki Bella checks into a hotel and tells her Mom about the cohabitation agreement. Nikki’s Mom tells Nikki that this was based off past experiences in John Cena’s life. Nikki thinks that John needs to let go of the past, because she is not after her money or his home.

Daniel Bryan walks into the arena with Brie Bella. Bryan stops to sign autographs. Brie Bella walks in alone.

Cam’ron and Eva Marie try to get Natalya to twerk. Natalya doesn’t want to twerk and they playfully slap her butt.

Cam’ron and Naomi get ready for their match tonight. Cam’ron starts popping her booty and Naomi tells Cam’ron to do that for Vincent, but Cam’ron tells her that it hurts to have sex because of her condition. Naomi thinks this is TMI.


Cam’ron also reveals that she hasn’t had sex with Vincent in a month and Naomi implores her to give Vincent some “cookie.” Naomi tells Cam’ron that if she doesn’t give Jimmy Uso any cookies, he turns into a Grinch. Jimmy Uso has cookies at least twice a week. Lucky guy.

Eva Marie is training with Tyson Kidd at the WWE Performance Center. Eva Marie and Tyson Kidd are practicing submissions as Tyson Kidd watches them. Natalya thinks it’s odd that the two of them are training. Natalya is seeing red and it’s Eva Marie’s cheap, red hair color.

Natalya says that she’s not comfortable with Eva Marie training with Tyson Kidd because she was always the only Diva Tyson Kidd trained, and that’s what made them closer.


Cam’ron visits the gynecologist to check her out, which she thinks is

Long, gross, story short, Cam’ron is okay. Cam’ron doesn’t know what’s up with her sex life and mentions a sex therapist. The gynecologist recommends going to the sex therapist.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are talking about their plans. Tyson Kidd thinks about going to the Performance Center. Natalya thought they could work out together, but Tyson Kidd tells her that Eva Marie wanted to train with him.

Natalya isn’t happy about it and thinks that Tyson Kidd should be focused on his comeback and not training a newbie. Tyson Kidd and Natalya agree to work out separately.

Brie Bella is talking Josie for a walk. Brie stops to call Daniel Bryan, who tells her he can’t make it because of interview, but will make it up to her. Brie asks about Josie, and Bryan jokes that he’ll scratch her butt like it’s never been scratched before. Brie is upset that she doesn’t get to see Daniel Bryan as much.

Natalya walks in and sees Tyson Kidd and Eva Marie training. Natalya retaliates by asking Fandango to train her. Natalya and Fandango start training, which distracts Tyson Kidd.

Tyson Kidd calls Natalya out on training with Fandango. Natalya calls Tyson out on his jealousy and the two get into an argument over training with other people. Tyson Kidd decides to leave the Performance Center.

Eva Marie asks Natalya what’s going on, and Natalya goes off on her. Natalya asks Eva Marie how she would feel if she was training with Eva Marie’s fiancé. Eva Marie tries to say that they were just training, but Natalya doesn’t believe her. Natalya tells Eva Marie that she doesn’t trust her, then storms off.

Vincent and Cam’ron are talking about burritos and their sex life before seeing the sex therapist. Cam’ron tells the sex therapist that sex for her is painful, and she’s not in the mood. Vincent always asks her if she’s hurting because he’s not a selfish person. Cam’ron reveals that she’s never horny and would be okay not having sex again.

After asking Cam’ron about her interests, the Sex Therapist recommends that Cam’ron to gets a vibrator, and try expand herself sexually. The Therapist thinks Cam’ron should get a feeling of what she likes and doesn’t like.


The Bella Twins are talking about their personal lives. Nikki Bella reveals that she’s hasn’t spoken to John Cena since the incident. Brie Bella forces her to talk to John Cena. Nikki Bella leaves a message for John Cena.

Back at Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s house, Natalya walks up and Tyson Kidd asks if Fandango is here. Natalya asks Tyson Kidd what happened, and Tyson Kidd asks about Fandango. Natalya tells Tyson Kidd that she’s jealous of Eva Marie because she’s prettier than she is, but Tyson says that’s he never thought Eva Marie was prettier than her.

Tyson Kidd tells Natalya that he’s not into Eva Marie that way and that she just wants to wrestler Nattie, because she idolizes her. Natalya starts to realize how foolish she was and asks Tyson Kidd if he was jealous of Fandango. Tyson Kidd says he isn’t jealous, then makes fun of Fandango’s pants. Natalya asks for forgiveness and to lock up, which Tyson Kidd does.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are having lunch together. Brie tells Bryan that she hasn’t seen much of him, but Bryan gets a call and text from Mark.


Daniel Bryan tries to tell Mark that he’s having lunch with Brie, but has to take the phone call anyway. Bryan walks off on the phone, claiming that Mark’s timing couldn’t be more perfect as Brie Bella gets her food and eats alone.

Daniel Bryan tries to have lunch with Brie Bella again, but there’s another phone interview. After lunch, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are in the car. Bryan asks Brie if she’s okay, and Brie tells him that all she wants is an hour to herself with Daniel Bryan. Brie wishes that she had the Daniel Bryan from a few months ago. Bryan calls her out on her wishing to have the Daniel Bryan that’s not as successful.


Daniel Bryan tells Brie that when he’s at work, he’s at work. And when he has to do something, he has to do something. Brie Bella claims Bryan is making excuses, but Bryan says that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to.

Vincent comes back to Cam’ron’s house with a bunch of new sex toys: A whip, a vibrator and an even bigger vibrator. Vincent is trying to help out, but Cam’ron is uncomfortable. Cam’ron takes the whip and starts whipping him as he opens the champagne.

Cam’ron admits she likes whipping Vincent. Cam’ron and Vincent start doing the “YES!” chant as a celebration of their sex life.

The Bella Twins are doing hot yoga. After hot yoga, Brie and Nikki Bella get into an argument over texting. Brie vents to Nikki her problems with Daniel Bryan, and how she wishes things were back to how they were in the beginning, with her on TV and the lack of Daniel Bryan on TV.

Nikki Bella calls Brie Bella out on her crap, saying that if Brie was in that situation, she wouldn’t want anyone to take that away from her. Nikki tells Brie that she can be bitchy and hard to deal with. Nikki tells Brie Bella that Daniel Bryan is busy now and things have changed.

Nikki Bella is back at the hotel, when she gets a call from John Cena. John Cena wants to talk to her, but would much rather do this in person. Cena asks Nikki Bella if he wants to have dinner with her to talk things over. Nikki agrees, and Cena tells her that he loves her and misses her. Nikki just says bye, then hangs up.

Brie Bella fails to get attention from Josie, but Josie gives Daniel Bryan attention when he walks in. Brie tells Bryan that Nikki put a lot of things in perspective for her about the business, and decides to apologize to him. Bryan thanks her and agrees to do better himself. Bryan knows he’s busy, but wants to make time for her as well. Brie Bella says that things might be rough, but the two of them will get through it.

Daniel Bryan jokes about Brie Bella making him a sandwich, which Brie was going to do anyway. Bryan also jokes about taking off his pants, which Brie enjoys.

John Cena and Nikki Bella meet for dinner. Cena tells Nikki that there’s no easy way to do this, and gives an example that if Nikki Bella was an evil person, he’d be stuck. Nikki Bella calls John Cena out on being selfish by not telling her about the cohabitation agreement earlier. Cena says the reason he did that was he didn’t want to screw things up immediately by bringing up the papers.

John Cena also reveals to Nikki that he has a lot to lose with his money, since his money supports his Mother, his brother, one of his brother’s medical expenses and the rest of his family. Cena claims he’s a “horseshit brother,” but he’s the best provider that he can be and doesn’t want to be in a situation, where all of that goes away.


Nikki Bella reveals that she had no idea that John Cena did so much with his money, and respects him for that. Nikki Bella will sign, but wants to add some terms: Sex every day, and 10-15 kisses every day. John Cena agrees and the two start kissing.

So That Happened:

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