Cheap Pop: Survivor Series Graphics

In Cheap Pop, 3MBooth Discusses Random Topics With a Slight Historical Bend

It’s often said that the WWE’s video department rivals any other production team. Because of that high and well deserved praise, their non-video production work goes overlooked. The graphics for this this year’s Survivor Series, however, will change people’s minds. The match-ups for the WWE Championship match – Randy Orton versus The Big Show – and the World Heavyweight Championship match – John Cena versus Alberto Del Rio – came about in entirely different ways. But visually, they are united by one man: Charles Robinson.

3MB_SSeries_CharlesRobinsonAs the referee, Charles Robinson needs to keep order in any match he officiates. In these graphics, he serves as the anchor. Robinson holds the respective championship belts –  the goal in each match – while standing firmly in the middle, indicating the balanced and impartial position of a true referee, unlike Shawn Michaels, special guest referee for the WWE Championship match at WWE’s last Pay Per View, Hell in a Cell.

This cool visual style is not limited to just top title matches on the card. The WWE Kickoff, gets the same treatment.

3MB_SSeries_MizKingstonGiven that this rift between Kofi Kingston and The Miz happened just happened, it shows how fast the Graphics team works. Kofi, after fending off the Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro), reached to tag The Miz. The Miz, in turn, stretched out his hand only to recoil it at the last second, jump off the apron and walk away. Tiffs like these are almost a tradition in professional wrestling: Sid Justice didn’t tag Hulk Hogan, leading to a Wrestlemania 8 main event; Rick Martel didn’t tag un-photogenic Tito Santana, dismantling Strike Force. Who knows where The Miz and Kofi Kingston will go from here.

But the most exciting match – from the Booth’s perspective – also has the most exciting graphics. The newly formed team of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will face Luke Harper and Eric Rowan of the The Wyatt family.

3MB_SSeries_BestBeard_Wyatts_BothThese graphics set the bar high for this match. Luckily, these participants are up to the challenge. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have spent years proving that to anyone that they are the best. Tribute songs have been made in their honor. Rowan and Harper do not have a song but they have Bray Wyatt and his sermon-like / cult-like use of words for a source of motivation.

3MB_SSeries_BestBeard_WyattsThis last graphic is in contrast to the two title graphics. Where Charles Robinson stood in the middle, promoting balance, Bray Wyatt stands to the right of center. This not only indicates Bray’s position as leader of the Wyatt Family but also points out the potential 3 on 2 handicap in this 2 on 2 tag team match. No place is this more fitting than the Survivor Series. But also, like Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior (and Tito!), is it possible to defy the odds.

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