Snapshots: Hybrid Wrestling

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At Wrestlemania, most matches revolve around mythic confrontations, usually with weeks (days) of momentum behind them. The Rock and John Cena, both considered legends of their respective eras, fought over the right to be champion. CM Punk challenged theWrestlemania streak of The Undertaker, which looms just as large as the Deadman himself. But the battle of the goliaths at Wrestlemania 29 was between The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry and The World’s Hungriest Wrestler, The Ryback. The anticipation of these behemoths locking metaphorical horns was perfectly captured by Erle  Tompkins in this design:


Depicting Mark Henry and The Ryback emerging from the world of monster movies summed up the expectations of this counter. The only setting more appropriate than the grand stage of Wrestlemania 29 would be the streets of Tokyo themselves. Henry and Ryback could do damage, Rampage style (also acceptable: a Kaiju Big Battel ring).

This week is about the Survivor Series, which is more about teaming up than tearing down. Uneasy alliances form for greater purposes like the time Mr. Perfect defied his manager Bobby Heenan before Survivor Series 1992. He agreed to come out of retirement to team with Randy Savage against (former) friends Ric Flair and Razor Ramon. Then there’s the 1990 Survivor Series that introduced the “Grand Finale Match of Survival:” heroes like Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, (and Tito Santana) aligned, as sole survivors of their respective matches, came together to face the surviving villains: Ted Dibiase, Rick Martel, The Warlord, and Power and Glory in one final Survivor Series match. Together, the three TWO biggest stars in the WWF overcame odds to emerge victorious.

It’s in that spirit that this year’s Survivor Series has taken shape. One match features CM Punk and Daniel Bryan teaming up to take on The Wyatt Family. Both Punk and Bryan have co-habited the title “best in the world,” with each have a justifiable claim. As a team, the possibility of heads being kicked in and going to sleep elates the WWE Universe.  The Best and the Beard inspired Booth favorite Ramon Villalobos to create some new artwork.


Artwork Courtesy of Ramon Villalobos

Survivor Series is the time for dream teams and the combination of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as a single entity is straight from the Internet’s happy place. This hybrid wrestler looks like he’s fueled by kale and driven by competition.

While on the subject of hybrid wrestlers, JBL often says that Randy Orton is what you’d get if you built a wrestler from the ground up. That is entirely JBL’s opinion and a scary insight into how he thinks. If a random person were to go into the Build-a-Wrestler Workshop, they might come up with something along the lines of BuckyJ’s depiction:


Artwork Courtesy of BuckyJ

A part Hulk Hogan, part John Cena wrestler? Worlds are colliding! Eras are crashing together! Forget the Internet’s dream! This is Vince McMahon’s dream!

Cenamaniacs / Hulk Nation:
Remember to say your prayers, Take your vitamins, Believe in yourself and Your time is now.

You can get both Ramon’s design and BuckyJ’s design in t-shirt form! Ramon’s “Best and Beard” (along with other amazing artwork) is available at his Society6 page. BuckyJ’s “Definition of a Wrestler” is available at RedBubble, along with some other really cool artwork.

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