So That Happened: #RAW Recap (11/18/13)


RAW begins with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H tells the WWE Universe that they are back from their vacation and are well rested. Triple H brings up last week’s RAW, and says that despite the accusations of The Authority going on a Power Trip, that he and Stephanie McMahon needed. Triple H calls last week’s RAW Chaos and says that the people who were responsible, Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero, will be severely dealt with.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon switch gears to Survivor Series. Before they start to talk about the show, Randy Orton’s music plays and he storms to the ring.


Randy Orton blames both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for the “chaos” that happened last week. Orton calls The Authority out on not delegating who was in charge of RAW, not telling The Shield to have their back and giving Big Show a WWE Title Match. Orton also holds them directly responsible for getting Chokeslammed through a table last week. Orton says since he is the Face Of The WWE, he’s their most valuable asset and that they should be protecting him a little bit better. Stephanie McMahon tries to calm Orton down, but Randy Orton’s still “jacked up” from going through that table and demands that they do something about it.

Triple H gets in Orton’s face and asks him who he thinks he’s talking to. Orton says he’s the Face Of The WWE and the Face Of This Company (Or at least that’s what he tried to say.) Triple H calls him out and says he’s the face of The McMahon’s company. Stephanie McMahon tries to talk about the confusion from last week, but a timid Vickie Guerrero interrupts with Brad Maddox.

Brad Maddox says that there was confusion last week, and since he is a man, he will take responsibility for his actions. Maddox says that last week was all Vickie Guerrero’s fault. Triple H doesn’t care whose fault is, because someone is going to pay.

Stephanie McMahon thinks Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero have become desensitized to physical competition, so they are both going to be in a match tonight. Vickie Guerrero will face the WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee, while Triple H gives Brad Maddox a No-DQ match with Randy Orton.

Brad Maddox tries to leave, but Kane comes out, grabs him and moves him towards the ring.

Match 01: Randy Orton vs. Brad Maddox

Brad Maddox tries to run from Randy Orton and talk things out, but Orton is too angry. Maddox ends up hitting Randy Orton with a microphone, then pushes him into the ringpost.

Brad Maddox hits a DDT on Randy Orton!


Randy Orton recovers, then hits the DDT off the barricade on Brad Maddox.

Randy Orton rips Brad Maddox’s shirt open.

Randy Orton destroys Brad Maddox.

Randy Orton beats Brad Maddox into unconsciousness with a microphone.


Winner: Randy Orton

Bret Hart will be on the Survivor Series Pre-Show along with Booker T and Mick Foley:

Backstage: Brad Maddox is seen being wheeled away on a stretcher as Vickie Guerrero looks on terrified

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