So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (11/17/13)


The Bella Twins want to talk about their costumes for the show Psych. Brie and Nikki are going over their measurements, Brie having the skinny measurements and Nikki having the bigger ones. Brie calls Nikki out when she says she’s 135 lbs.

The Bella Twins talk about their orgasm faces.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are looking at Cena’s fishtank and talking about fishes.

John Cena goes over his lewd names for his fishes. They’re all bleeped out.

Nikki Bella is excited to move in with John Cena, and thinks it’s a big step. She’s excited to share a home with Cena and feels like a Queen, but wishes she knew how to prepare for such a big step.

John Cena sees Nikki Bella has 26 boxes and questions why she needs so many.

John Cena jokes about leaving the boxes and having her walk around naked instead of wearing clothes. Nikki Bella is unpacking her boxes and shows her multiple, multiple, multiple toys. Nikki explains that she gets lonely on the road, so she uses her toys to help her out.

The Bella Twins are talking with Mr. Belding. Afterwards, Nikki Bella tells Brie Bella that John Cena actually tore his triceps, and will be out for 6 months. Nikki tells Brie that she won’t be able to make the Psych meeting in Vancouver the next day because of John’s surgery. Brie calls Nikki out on ditching her, so Nikki is going to try and make John Cena’s surgery and Psych.

Nikki Bella kisses the John Cena truck for good luck, then asks Brie to do the same. Brie also kisses the Cena truck.

Eva Marie watches the Funkadactyls wrestle AJ Lee and Layla. Eva Marie says this is what she wants to do with her life. After the match, Natalya says she can’t wait to have another match with Naomi. Naomi jokes that Natalya better wear her diaper next time, and Natalya retaliates by putting Naomi in a headlock.

The Divas (JoJo included) are greeted by Mark. Mark tells Eva Marie if she would like to do In-Ring Announcing Next Week. Eva Marie is happy for the opportunity, but Natalya thinks it’s a little early.

Mark asks Eva Marie to introduce Natalya as a test run. Eva Marie gives an mock-introduction, and although it was lackluster, they accept it.

Natalya tells Eva Marie that she needs to knock this out of the park. If she screws up, the fans will never forgive her.

John Cena introduces his big announcement about his injury. John Cena introduces Daniel Bryan, and passes him the mic. Brie Bella is so proud of Daniel Bryan being one of the top guys now. Brie Bella walks up to Daniel Bryan and kisses her. Brie takes her lipstick off of Bryan’s lip as he grunts. Mark walks up to Daniel Bryan and tells him that now that he’s a top guy, and John Cena’s injured, he’s going to be on the road more doing more media days. Brie Bella is happy for him.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are going to Pensacola for his Elbow Surgery. Nikki Bella notices that John Cena is getting emotional over the idea that he’s going to be gone for 6 months. Cena says he has a scrotum on the side of his elbow. Nikki Bella thinks that the scrotum is the chode and explains what she thinks a scrotum is. Cena just responds with…

John Cena goes into surgery as Nikki Bella and Rob watch on the outside. Nikki Bella is getting nervous seeing all the blood squirting out. Despite this, the surgery is a success.


Eva Marie hugs Alicia Fox, then tells Alicia her concerns about announcing. Alicia Fox tells Eva Marie about the time she almost got fired for stammering at announcing. Alicia Fox gives Eva Marie a pop quiz on Mark Henry’s weight, and she fails. Alicia Fox laughs and makes fun of Eva Marie for being in this situation.

The Bella Twins are in Vancouver for the Psych Shoot. Nikki talks about how she had to give John Cena a sponge bath, then about their vampire/zombie characters for Psych.

The Funkadactyls are singing the “Gigolo” song. Jimmy Uso decides to add to their musical by farting. The Funkadactyls try to get him to stop, but he just continues farting. Naomi tries to spray perfume to mask the smell.

Eva Marie tells Mark about how nervous she is to do ring announcing. Mark gives her another practice test, but Eva Marie fails when she gets Randy Orton’s hometown wrong.

Mark tells her this is unacceptable and she needs to know everyone, or else creative will go in a different direction. Eva Marie asks if she can cheat, and of course, she can’t.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are talking about Cena’s surgery. Cena makes a “skeeting” joke. Cena asks Nikki about Daniel Bryan’s new transition. Nikki says he’s doing well, and adjusting to the new face of the company, but Brie isn’t going to adjust well to the transition.

After talking about Daniel Bryan, Nikki Bella starts kissing John Cena while he’s driving. Cena’s not allowed to sweat or get wet for 10 days, so he stops her. Nikki says she can’t go without sex for 10 days.

Jimmy Uso walks up to Naomi and calls her a bag of skittles because of her dress. Jimmy Uso talks about his injury, then shows it to Naomi. His toe is red, black, blue and green. Naomi forces him to go to the doctor and tries to help him clean his foot.


Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella get ready to go do Crossfit. Bryan tells Brie that he needs to pack for the next 13 days, and Brie helps him out. Daniel Bryan starts to joke about how ripped their dog Josie is. Brie shows Bryan her Guillotine Chokehold, which Bryan says she’s not doing correctly. Bryan and Brie play around, with Bryan coming out the winner.


Eva Marie is getting ready to go to Guerrilla Position, but doesn’t know where to go. Jimmy Uso points her in the right direction. Justin Roberts gives Eva Marie advice, but lets her know that he can’t help her out there.

Eva Marie asks Justin Roberts if he’ll be able to help her, he can’t help her. Natalya gives Eva Marie a pop quiz and fails again. Natalya says that for ring announcing, all you have to do is remember a few lines and that Eva Marie needs to get it together. Eva Marie is thinking about cheating.

Eva Marie does her announcing for the first time. It’s not very good.

Backstage, Natalya and Brie Bella are making fun of her shrill announcing voice as The Usos come out to the ring. 3MB comes out next, and Eva Marie forgets Jinder Mahal’s name during the announcing.

Cam’ron notices Jimmy Usos injury and asks about it. Naomi tells Cam’ron that Jimmy Uso has a bad toe fungus. Rather than be a supportive friend, Cam’ron makes a toe-sucking joke. After the match, Naomi checks on Jimmy Uso and his toe, and it does not look pretty. More blood is everywhere. Jimmy Uso tries to play it off, but Naomi implores him to take care of his toe.

Eva Marie walks to the back and sees that not only is Mark unhappy, but so is 3MB, who is pissed off at the botched ring introduction. Eva Marie goes over to 3MB and tries to apologize. Jinder Mahal calls Eva Marie out on not even knowing his name. Eva Marie accidentally calls him “Ginger Mahal” and Jinder almost loses it.

Drew McIntyre calms Jinder Mahal down. Jinder tells her to learn everyone’s name and show everyone respect. Heath Slater says for the future, it’s better if she learns everyone’s name in the WWE.


Despite bombing, Eva Marie is proud of herself because she didn’t cheat.

John Cena is resting. Nikki Bella shows up in a sexy nurse’s outfit and tries to nurse him back to health.

Jimmy Uso gets his toe checked out and the fungus removed. Jimmy is warned about that the toe fungus can spread to others. Naomi threatens Jimmy, saying that her toes better be okay. Naomi gets her toes checked next and the doctor finds a little fungus on Naomi’s big toe. Naomi blames Jimmy Uso and makes fun of him for having terrible feet.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are having Face Time. Bryan talks about how much he misses her, Josie and having clean clothes. Brie says that she misses him and even though they work for the same company, they barely see each other.

Nikki Bella is almost finished settling in with John Cena. Cena tells her that if she really wants to live here, she has to do one thing: Sign a cohabitation agreement. John Cena gives her the cohabitation agreement that needs to be signed and notarized. Nikki Bella says this came out of nowhere and doesn’t know how to feel that.

Nikki Bella asks John Cena why he decided to wait so long to give her this. Cena didn’t want to bombard her and thought she wouldn’t sign it if she knew right away. Also, with everything going on, he lost track of time. Nikki Bella says that she needs time to think about this, then leaves the house.


So That Happened:


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