Cheap Pop: Brothers Of Destruction Reunions

In Cheap Pop, 3MBooth Discusses Random Topics With a Slight Historical Bend

Thor: The Dark World opens in movie theaters all across the United States this weekend. In this sequel, Thor has to battle Malekith, who is out to destroy the Nine Realms. If you’ve seen the trailer, then you this tweet will make perfect sense to you.

And who could blame me for being excited? Thor’s a great franchise. And the sometimes strained relationship between brothers Thor and Loki is just like the relationship between The Undertaker and Kane. Both teams are arguably stronger when they are work together; however, when they feud, they push each other to extremes like no one else can. Thor / Loki, The Undertaker/Kane each could be called “Brothers Of Destruction.” But as Thor and Loki reunite for the first time since the Avengers, The Brothers of Destruction have reunited many times over the years, for better or worse. Here, I’ve chosen my five favorites:

The Brothers Of Destruction reunite at the Royal Rumble


The Brothers Of Destruction has always had an interesting relationship when it comes to other people attacking them. The Undertaker and Kane can do absolutely deplorable things to each other, but the minute someone else tries to do it, they reunite and teach that person a lesson. Case in point, The Royal Rumble 2001.

After Kane started eliminating several wrestlers from the Rumble, the remaining  participants thought it’d be smart to all attack Kane at once, work together and try to eliminate him. They were so close to succeeding that the lost track of the Rumble clock. The buzzer sounded and the next Rumble participant, The Undertaker, came riding down on his motorcycle! The Undertaker wasted no time in saving his brother, and the two of them cleared the ring of all other wrestlers. They teased some tension between the two of them until the next buzzer sounded; the Brothers Of Destruction quickly put their past issues behind them to focus on the more important matter at hand…


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