So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season Mid-Season Return (11/10/13)


The Total Divas have a reunion over brunch. Eva Marie reveals that her Maxim Cover Shoot is now a 4 page spread. Eva Marie takes the pictures out and shows everybody.

The Bellas talk about that they were on the cover of Maxim before, but it was Maxim Español. Eva Marie makes fun of them for it, but Nikki says it’s more popular than the original Maxim.

The Funkadactyls drive to the arena:

The Funkadactyls and Jimmy Uso are driving to RAW. Cam’ron gets angered by a slow blue car. Cam’ron keeps honking the horn, but the guy stops his car. Cam’ron gets out of the car, claims the driver called her a “bitch” and handles it in typical Cam’ron fashion.

Naomi stresses to Cam’ron that she is a public figure and a WWE Diva, so she cannot act like that. The Funkadactyls and Jimmy Uso get to the arena and poke fun at Cam’ron’s anger issues.


At RAW, Eva Marie is showing off her Maxim Magazine spread. Eva teases Nikki and says she’s becoming a fan favorite.

Eva Marie taunts the Bella Twins further by telling Nikki Bella that she might become the valet of John Cena. She backs this claim up with rumors on the internet. Nikki Bella says that won’t happen.

Brie Bella thinks Eva Marie needs to humbled. Nikki Bella vents to Brie about Eva Marie wanting her man. Nikki wants to get back into the ring because she’s getting older and she knows not much time is left.

Naomi and Natalya go over their match. Naomi hugs Somehow, Natalya gets some of Naomi’s makeup on her. Natalya is embarrassed, but Naomi thinks Nattie would make a good black girl. During their match, Naomi bumps Natalya in her bladder with her butt and she pisses her pants a bit.


After the match, Natalya tells Naomi what happened. Natalya I embarrassed because she’s never peed before in a match. Natalya tells Naomi not to give her a hug and act like everything’s okay because it isn’t.

Naomi tries to calm Natalya down, but Natalya goes in the shower. Natalya tells Naomi that she wants to be alone and Naomi walks away.

John Cena makes water breaking jokes until Nikki Bella walks up. Nikki needs to talk to him.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena about Natalya peeing herself in the ring. John Cena reveals he pooped his pants once during a match and that everybody knew, so he feels for Natalya right now.

Nikki Bella asks John Cena if he’s in pain because she just noticed his bad elbow. Nikki wants him to get checked out, but Cena is hesitant because Summerslam is coming up.

Nikki Bella reminds John Cena about health being important, and thinks he should get his elbow checked before Summerslam so he knows what he’s dealing wth. Cena agrees, then kisses her. Nikki Bella stresses how important Summerslam is because it’s a “Bella Boyfriend vs. Bella Boyfriend” match.

The Divas meet with Mark and Jane about Summerslam. Natalya finds out she has a match with Brie Bella. Eva Marie will be in The Bella Twins corner, while the Funkadactyls will be Natalya’s corner.

Mark tells the Divas that there’s a Red Carpet Party tonight, and that would love for Natalya to be the red carpet host. She agrees to do it, but the only drawback is she can’t walk the red carpet with the Divas.

At the Red Carpet Party, everyone is having a good time. Natalya is interviewing Superstars and Celebrities


Natalya interviews Alicia Fox next. Alicia Fox brings up Natalya peeing her pants and Natalya gets offended.

Natalya pulls Alicia Fox to the side tries to find out how many people know. Alicia Fox tells her not that many people (50) know and tries to tell her it’s okay. Natalya blames Naomi and says that the incident pisses her off. Alicia Fox laughs at the piss pun.

John Cena is on the red carpet with Nikki Bella. While getting interviewed, Cena gets a text, then leaves unexpectedly without telling Nikki. Nikki is upset.

Vinnie starts taking photos by himself on the red carpet. Cam’ron is not happy.

Vincent starts dancing around and tries to have a good time, but Cam’ron is annoyed. For Vincent it’s a party, but for her it’s work. Vincent keeps dancing, but Cam’ron pulls him to the side and yells at him for making a fool of himself. Naomi brings her to the side and explains how her anger issues are really hurting her relationships, especially Vincent.


The next day, The Bella Twins are discussing Summerslam, while taking Brie and Daniel’s dog, Josie, for a walk.  Nikki complains about John Cena abandoning her at the party, but says she’s giving John space.  Brie thinks John is going through something personal because it’s not like him to be quiet. The Bellas stop talking and try to get Josie to pee on a plant because she won’t pee on the cement.

Later, The Bella Twins and Eva Marie are signing autographs at Fan Axxess. A fan called Eva Marie her “idol,” and Eva claims that a lot more people want to see her and less of the Bella Twins.


Natalya and Alicia Fox are doing an autograph signing. A fan talks to Natalya about the Superstars match. But Alicia Fox brings up Natalya pissing her pants. Natalya tells Alicia Fox to stop talking about it, but Alicia makes more jokes.

Later, Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins record voice work for the new Flintstones movie.


After recording, Nikki Bella compliments Daniel Bryan’s “ponytail” look and says he looked like a “shart.” She meant to say sharp, but she’s Nikki. Daniel Bryan jokes about “shart” being the new slang.

Brie Bella informs Nikki that Eva Marie tried to sweet talk her into being her new tag partner since Nikki is injured. Nikki Bella says that Eva Marie will never be her, so she needs to stop. Nikki Bella says when she gets healthy and gets in the ring with Eva Marie, that it’s going to get real.

At Cam’ron’s Mom’s House, Cam’ron’s Mom speaks Cam’ron about her anger issues. Cam’ron blames it on her upbringing and her issues with her Stepdad. Cam’ron’s Mom wants her to be happy and doesn’t want Cam’ron’s anger to be the downfall of her relationship. The Cam’ron Family offers to help each other through their anger issues.


Back at the hotel, Tyson Kidd asks about where his pants are, and Natalya tells him. Natalya gets mad and says she can’t worry about his pants right now.

Natalya is upset that so many people are talking about the peeing incident and says it was giving her anxiety. Natalya says Summerslam is the biggest match of her career and right now, she doesn’t even want to go through with it.

Tyson Kidd reminds Natalya that this is what they do, and that people only remember your last performance, so if she doesn’t go out there, she’ll be known as the pants pisser. Tyson Kidd reminds her to go out there, be the best and put on a great performance.

That night, Cam’ron goes out with Vicnent, Jimmy Uso and Naomi, apologizes to Vincent and tells everyone she is going to try and control her anger. Vincent says that no matter what obstacle comes btween them, they’ll knock it down together.

Back at the hotel, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are talking about Summerslam’s High Expectations. Brie is nervous, while Bryan is just trying to put on a good match. Brie brings up that it’s “Boyfriend vs. Boyfriend” but Bryan jokes that it’s nothing new for Nikki because John was already her boyfriend when he was in the Main Event.

It’s the day of Summerslam. Everyone is focused on their matches, but Nikki Bella feels it’s the perfect time to confront John Cena about his actions at the Red Carpet Event. Nikki asks Cena why he left her on the red carpet. Cena apologizes and tells her that he got a text from the doctor about how bad his arm is.

John Cena explains that with his injury and that he’ll be out for six months. Cena says that his life is about to change, but Nikki Bella was one of the first people to know, even before family. Cena says this is his last match for a while, and Nikki Bella feels sorry since WWE is his life.

Nikki Bella doesn’t want John Cena to be Superman and get even more injured. Nikki Bella fears that with Cena gone for six months, he might be forgotten.

JoJo sings the National Anthem.

Brie Bella and Natalya have their match. Eva Marie notices that there’s “Eva Marie Signs” and thinks this has been a great week for her. Natalya wins, and thinks that tonight was one of the best matches of her career.

The Bella Twins talk with their Mom about the match. Their Mom is very proud of them. As The Bellas relaxed, Eva Marie walks up hugs the Bella Mom. Eva Marie asks Nikki Bella if she saw the Eva Marie signs during the match, but Nikki says she was focused on Brie. Eva Marie mocks the Bella Twins, “Bella’s Gonna Ball” catchphrase, and says “Bella’s Gonna Fall.” Nikki ignores her then walks off.

Nikki Bella vents to Brie Bella and The Bella Mom about Eva Marie. Nikki Bella says that if she wasn’t classy, she’d beat her ass. Brie tells Nikki that she thinks she’s overreacting because Eva Marie is just trying to get into WWE a different way than they did. Brie tells Nikki they worked their asses off for 7 years, and if Eva Marie keeps acting the way she does, she won’t even last 1 year.

Later on, The Bella Twins and The Bella Mom watch Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship.

Nikki Bella gets concerned because Daniel Bryan keeps focusing on John Cena’s injured .elbow.

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship!

Backstage, John Cena is shown walking backstage and talking to doctors. Nikki Bella is concerned if John Cena’s career is over.

But we know what really happened


This Season on Total Divas:

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2 Responses to So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season Mid-Season Return (11/10/13)

  1. I feel so bad for Nikki Bella. John could have showed her that paper before she moved in. He talks about respect, what a joke. Seemed Nikki was uncomfortable her and John about moving in together. Gotta be urself and just dont think these 2 are meant. John was still wrong. I love Arianne and Tiffany. Tiffany and John clearly meant 2 be. Natties so cute and funny. Jojo great singer. Eva Marie is in it for spotlight, she couldnt even introduce a match she froze. Yea, we all get nervous. To be in wwe its gota be a passion and Eva Marie is a bragger and she sucks. Brie and Daniel there great. Hang in there Nikki ur beautiful, dont let Eva get over on you. Im irish given the chance would love to take her down. Huge wwe fan. Wouldnt wrestle that would be hardcore match. Love Divas and love WWE.


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