I Was There: New York Comic Con 2013

In “I Was There” 3MBooth provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

There was something for everyone at this year’s New York Comic Con. The celebration of nerd culture via comics, television, movies and videogames filled every corner of the Jacob Javits Center for four days. During the weekend, we posted some of our favorite wrestling themed costumes as we stumbled across them: on Thursday, we crossed paths with the Ultimate Warrior; Friday, we went toe-to-toe with the Rowdy One; on Saturday, we were asked to “follow the buzzards” by Bray Wyatt himself. And that was only some of the costumes on display! We asked our Twitter followers who were fortunate enough to attend this year’s NYCC to send us any pictures.

We put our photos of The Undertaker and Mick Foley together with contributions from Joe Munafo (), who after wowing us with his Bret Hart costume last year, wowed us again with an alternate attire Hitman costume. Another contributor was The Think Tanque, who went old school with a Macho King Randy Savage ensemble, complete with scepter. Check out our other pics on our Tumblr and, if you have any you’d like to add, let us know. Right now, we can only imagine what next year will bring!

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