Unprofessional Wrestling: Book It, Bert!

The 3ManBooth DVR records anything with “Wrestling” in the Title or Description. Good or Bad,
We’ll Share Its Unprofessional Wrestling

There has been a lot of wrestling this summer. In the 104 days of summer vacation, we were there for a good amount of wrestling events.

Not to mention all the watching there was to watch! RAW, iMPACT, Smackdown, NXT on Hulu … AND Total Divas! Who saw that one coming?!? The was a summer of slams well before SummerSlam, the biggest block party of the summer, even happened. Frankly, we could use a vacation. there’s still time just enough time. A quick weekend jaunt to Cancun sounds nice. And, according to the Travel Channel’s Trip Flip, running into Bert Kreischer could make a weekend getaway into an unforgettable experience.  Bert took two Minnesotans he found on the beach and –  like a Lethal Lottery or a BattleBowl – booked them a lifetime of memories in one moment: They teamed up to train and compete in their first every lucha libre match.

And it was there in a tiny gym in cancun that two vacation goers donned luchador and became “Jumping Jordan” and “Sexy Blue,” warriors of the ring.

Not only were they victorious (technically, everyone won?) but they also have a unique story to tell everyone back in Minnesota. But it goes to show that sometimes the best way to take a break from wrestling is to lace up and wrestle. It makes sense if you don’t think about it too hard.
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