So That Happened: Total Divas (09/01/13 )

Total Divas begins with Eva Marie and JoJo checking out Justin Gabriel stretching to funky music.

Eva Marie and JoJo ask Chris Jericho if Justin Gabriel is single. Jericho asks JoJo if she likes Gabriel, then teases her about her crush on Justin.

Eva Marie, JoJo and Brie Bella are backstage watching Daniel Bryan wrestle.

Post-match, Daniel Bryan to the back, kisses Brie Bella, then walks off. Brie talks about how Daniel Bryan is the greatest man in the world, then jokes about Bryan having lipstick on his mouth.

Justin Gabriel and JoJo are flirting with each other.

Eva Marie walks up and interrupts their conversation, then tells JoJo not to do anything that she wouldn’t do. JoJo walks off with Natalya and Eva Marie. A familiar, pale body is shown trying to avoid the cameras.

JoJo and Eva Marie are watching Justin Gabriel wrestle and planning their housewarming party. Michael Hayes sneaks up and scares JoJo and Eva Marie.

The Divas are training in the ring until Natalya shows up. Natalya talks about the stress of the wedding, but Nikki Bella tells Natalya that she doesn’t have to plan her Bachelorette Party because Nikki is planning it. Natalya thinks it’s a great idea and just wants to hang out and chat, but Nikki wants to do more.

Natalya tells the Divas the story about her friend Jaret, who kinda looks like Tyson Kidd. Natalya tells the Divas that she invited Jaret to the wedding and that Jaret told her that he has feelings for her. Naomi thinks Natalya likes the attention that Jaret is giving her because Tyson Kidd isn’t giving her attention. Natalya thinks it’s fine and she’s just looking looking forward to the bachelor party.

Nikki Bella attempts to show off her new move, then the Divas have a mini-match in the ring.

Eva Marie is bronzing JoJo as they prepare for their housewarming party. JoJo is worried about Justin Gabriel showing up first and making a move, but everyone but Justin seems to show up first. The Bellas make fun of Eva Marie and JoJo for their poor wine choices then Brie asks for a beer. Nikki hints that the “Keg Killer” is teases Brie about bringing out “Brie Mode,” AKA the nickname for when Brie Bella gets super drunk.

Natalya talks to Nikki Bella about Jaret texting her wanting to get her in better shape for the wedding. Nikki thinks it’s a plan by Jaret to get physical with her, but Natalya reveals that Tyson Kidd is the only person she’s ever been with. Nikki Bella is surprised.

The Divas start to have a dance party. Cam’ron dances, then Natalya, which Cam’ron makes fun of in a confessional.

Then, then Naomi shows off her “Pow Pow Pow” dancing abilities.

Cam’ron talks about dating older guys because she’s a scholar. Meanwhile, Justin Gabriel and JoJo start making out.

Justin Gabriel and JoJo go on their first date. Justin Gabriel pokes fun at JoJo’s age.

JoJo starts talking about her pet rabbit, which Justin Gabriel seems very “interested” in.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are shopping for Natalya’s Bachelorette Gift. Nikki Bella tells John Cena about Natalya only sleeping with one guy her entire life, but Cena doesn’t seem to care as long as she’s happy.

Nikki Bella jokes that her family would do backflips if she only dated one guy. Nikki Bella tries to cover up what she just said, but John Cena jokes about how many guys Nikki Bella has slept with. Cena hopes it’s between 1 and 1000.

Cam’ron is getting ready to leave for Vegas. Vincent complains and wants to go, but she tells him only WWE Superstars and Divas will be there. Vincent still wants to go.

The Bachelorette Party: The Total Divas, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Jimmy Uso, Hornswoggle and Curt Hawkins are part of the party.

JoJo mentions that she’s excited that Justin Gabriel is at the Bachelorette Party. JoJo thinks they’d make great babies together.

The Divas toast with Natalya, then head to the pool for a party.

At the pool, Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that she’s the hottest one in the pool and that some of the Divas have no business wearing two pieces. Jimmy Uso asks Naomi why she keeps rubbing lotion on herself and Naomi tells Jimmy that she’s ashy. Jimmy tells Naomi that he loves dark meat and he likes his BBQ burnt.

Natalya talks with Nikki Bella until Jaret texts her. Natalya starts to talk about Jaret’s texts, but Nikki scolds her for even getting text messages. Natalya thinks the texts are harmless, but Nikki knows Jaret is flirting is flirting with her. Natalya says Nikki is making her feel bad, but Nikki thinks she should feel bad.

Eva Marie and JoJo are at the pool with the rest of the Divas. Jimmy Uso slams Naomi into the pool.

Eva Marie and JoJo catch Justin Gabriel talking with another girl. Eva Marie thinks Justin Gabriel doesn’t want anything serious, while JoJo thinks it’s not like that. JoJo thinks Justin Gabriel wouldn’t come at her like that if he didn’t like her.

Back in the hotel, Natalya is taking shots while everyone cheers her on. Naomi wants to see Brie Mode tonight, but Brie doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

Tyson Kidd makes a toast to Natalya, aka the reason why he’s still here.

After the toast, The Divas leave to go see Chippendales (Kenny King’s face may be blurred out actually.) The Chippendales bring Natalya on stage, rope her, then pull their pants down and continue dancing.

JoJo complains that she can’t do anything in Vegas like drink or gamble. Eva Marie feels bad for her, but also doesn’t drink because of personal reasons.

JoJo and Eva Marie catch Justin Gabriel talking to another girl again. Justin Gabriel leaves in a cab with a girl. JoJo says that she’s done then starts cursing about Justin Gabriel.

JoJo is in complete shock because she thought they had great chemistry. Eva Marie gives JoJo a hug to console her.

The Divas continue to party as Brie Mode is in Full Effect. Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Cam’ron are dancing on table tops.

Nikki Bella ends up falling off the table top, but the Divas continue to party.

The Divas go back to the hotel. Natalya confesses that she can’t get Jaret out of her mind. Natalya says that there is no one she loves more than Tyson Kidd, but she feels like she’s not ready for it. Brie Bella decides to have a one-on-one with Natalya.

Brie Bella drunkenly tries to reason with Natalya. Natalya says she feels overwhelmed because she is a little afraid to totally seal the deal with Tyson Kidd.

Brie Bella realizes she’s still in Brie Mode and tries to sober up to sneak into the room and not wake up Daniel Bryan. Brie Bella fails and has to knock on the door and wake up Bryan anyway. Brie thinks that Bryan doesn’t know she’s in Brie mode, so she decides to bite him in the wiener.

Brie Bella shows off the gifts that she got in Vegas, including handcuffs. Brie Bella puts handcuffs on Daniel Bryan, which Bryan is not happy about.

The next day, Daniel Bryan wakes up Brie Bella, who has a very bad hangover. Bryan asks why her head hurts, and Brie admits that she got into Brie Mode last night. Bryan admits that he knew this and that she was not discreet about being drunk. Bryan says it’s Natalya’s Bachelorette Party and Brie was going to do what she wants and wasn’t mad.

Brie Bella says she doesn’t feel well, so Daniel Bryan decides to grab her head and shake it.

Daniel Bryan gets out of bed. Brie tries to get out of bed, but Daniel Bryan jumps on top of her and shakes the bed some more.

Natalya makes a toast at dinner, then JoJo talks about how awkward it is to be sitting next to Justin Gabriel. Gabriel and JoJo go to talk. JoJo tells Gabriel that he’s been confusing her lately. Gabriel tells her that she’s beautiful and talented, but the age gap is so big. JoJo gets the message then walks away.

The Bella Twins are on their bed talking about shoes until Brie realizes Nikki’s vibrator is right underneath the sheets. Brie jokes about having to take a shower and switches beds, while Nikki shows no shame in her little “Purple People Eater.”

Naomi goes to visit Cam’ron. Naomi bangs on the door until Cam’ron opens up and they greet each other.

Naomi talks about how good Cam’ron’s room looks. Cam’ron vents about Vincent and says that he’s going to land on the plane in an hour. Naomi talks about how tonight is going to be great and Cam’ron hopes they’re not babysitting tonight. Vincent shows up.

Vincent is very excited about being in Vegas, which upsets Cam’ron.

Brie Bella toasts to Natalya and Tyson Kidd, while Nikki Bella decides to toast to Orgasms and Boners.

Natalya’s cake arrives as everyone cheers and Vincent does the Antonio Cesaro arm cannons.

Vincent continues to be annoying by messing with the penis on the cake and playing with the cotton candy.

After dinner, everyone heads out to Ghost Bar to have a good time and dance.

Vincent continues to drink more and be obnoxious. Cam’ron tries to confront Vincent on the drinking, but Vincent doesn’t listen. Vincent gets into drunk truth telling mode with Tyson Kidd, Natalya and Jimmy Uso.

Cam’ron says there’s a stain on her dress and claims Vincent spilled stuff on her. Vincent gets upset and the two start arguing. Cam’ron says she’s gonna go and leaves the bar with Vincent because he had too much to drink.

Cam’ron tries to walk back to the hotel, but Vincent is way too drunk to pay attention to anything.

After the Bella Twins leave, Tyson Kidd and Natalya dance as Natalya talks about how happy she is in her relationship.

So That Happened:

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