Highlight Reel: Modern Beast

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

The USA Network is heavily promoting Happy Endings Modern Family coming to its television schedule this coming fall. The Emmy Award Winning Sitcom is a natural fit for a network with the motto “Characters Welcome.” And the pairing of the Pritchetts and the McMahons on Monday Nights could not only give a new meaning to the word “family squabbles” but also it would let Ed O’Neill one again be the catalyst for pro wrestling fandom. if given a time slot before RAW on Mondays, with it comes a chance for Ed O’Neill to be the catalyst for pro wrestling. It seems that another cast member is picking up where Al Bundy left off: Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron Tucker, seems to be using Vine to find that pro wrestling / single camera comedy crossover audience.

Who knew that Brock Lesnar could be so funny, especially just by standing there? We all knew that he had that silent, scary demeanor down, but funny? Just in case you thought it was a one time fluke, Stonestreet’s second vine proves he also has comedic timing:

See? He even made his entrance without having to do the “Brock Bop” first. Could a Brock Lesnar appearance on Modern Family be in the works? Maybe Cameron could have a friend from his high school wrestle / cow tipping team come visit, huh?

(Thanks to our Vine Expert YourBoyDrew for showing us these videos. Follow Him)

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