So That Happened: Total Divas (08/25/13)

JoJo and Eva Marie Bronze each other then head to the gym. Eva Marie wants to bronze because she never knows when John Cena is coming.

The two start doing headlocks in the gym until they see Roman Reigns. They introduce themselves to Roman Reigns then Eva Marie reiterates why she wears bronzer.

 Tyson Kidd and Natalya are wrestling around in the pool until Natalya gets a phone call from Tyson Kidd’s Mom. It’s Nattie’s birthday week and doesn’t want to spend time there.,

Tyson’s Mom insists that they stay at her house. Tyson’s Mom Cheryl wants to Natalya to sleep with her while Tyson sleeps on the couch, which Tyson and Natalya argue about it.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya patch things up then Natalya tosses Tyson Kidd in the pool.

Cam’ron wakes Naomi up on their day off. Naomi wants a day to chill and relax, but Cam’ron wants to go shopping.

Naomi tries to get out of it, but Cam’ron insists fashion is all about looking cute. Cam’ron demands Naomi get a new jacket and purse. Naomi just “Ughs” Cam’ron to death.

Nikki Bella is getting ready until Naomi walks up to her. The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls go through their storyline with the Funkadactyls and then talk about their plans for the weekend. The Bella Twins talk about visiting their family. Nikki refuses to see her father because of her Father’s battles with addiction.

Natalya is back in her home town of Calgary for her birthday and RAW. Nattie and Kaitlyn have a match against The Bella Twins.

Unfortunately for Natalya she loses. Tyson Kidd and Natalya go back to their hotel and wrestle around a bit until Tyson’s Mom calls. Tyson Kidd’s Mom wants them to stay at her place even though they booked a hotel. Tyson Kidd agrees to stay at their house, which Natalya isn’t happy about.

The Funkadactyls are going to this fancy event with Jimmy Uso and Vincent. Cam’ron is more focused on taking pictures while Naomi just wants to have a good time. Naomi is more focused on moves and wrestling than she is being pretty.

John Cena gives Nikki Bella a history lesson then tries teaching her Chinese.

John Cena also tries to get Nikki Bella to mend fences with her father, which Nikki reluctantly agrees to.

Natalya, Tyson Kidd and Cheryl are having lunch together. Surprise Surprise! It’s Tyson Kidd’s sister Valerie. Natalya tries to explain that she doesn’t have time to see everyone when she comes to Calgary, but Cheryl says family comes first.

Tyson’s sister Valerie tries to get them to have kids, but Tyson and Natalya try and avoid that right now. Valerie’s sister suggests pre-marital counseling.

The Bella Twins start working out until Nikki Bella reveals that she’s ready to patch things up with her Dad. She asks Brie to join her, which she does. Brie wants them to be a family again.

The Funkadactyls are practicing a new routine. Naomi is showing off her dance moves, but Cam’ron wants her to slow it down because she’s not a dancer. Cam’ron stops her and starts showing off instead of doing dance practice. There is clear tension between Cam’ron and Naomi.

The Bella Twins go to their Nanas house to visit their Nana and Brother. After saying grace and talking about their Grandfather, Brie tells Nana about Bryan wanting a Compost Toilet for their vegetables. Nana tells Brie to tell Bryan to talk to him and she can teach him about compost.

Natalya goes to her friend Jaret’s tanning salon to relax and say Hi. After some small talk and flirting by Jaret, Natalya gets a spray tan from Jaret.

Jaret and Natalya hug and say goodbye.

The Bella Twins visit their Grandfather’s Grave. The Bellas talk about how proud their Grandfather was of them and wonder how he would feel about their wrestling careers. Nikki is upset that Cena will never be able to meet his Grandfather.

Natalya is going to dinner with Tyson. She’s dressed nice and ready for a night alone with Tyson Kidd, but Tyson is taking Natalya to her sisters. Natalya get pissed off and tells Tyson Kidd that this is not how she wanted to spend her birthday. Natayla tells Tyson to go to her sister’s house alone and decides to spend her birthday in the hotel.

The Funkadactyls, Eva Marie and JoJo are going Go-Karting. Cam’ron and Eva Marie already compete by standing on the number 1 position, but Naomi thinks she’s going to beat both of them.

After some Go-Karting, Naomi is last place, JoJo is 3rd, Eva Marie is 2nd and Cam’ron is 1st place. Cam’ron has an over the top celebration for her victory.

After Cam’ron’s over the celebration, Naomi tries to calm Cam’ron down, but Cam’ron refuses to listen.. Cam’ron tells her to not get hot because she lost, but Naomi defends tells herself saying that she’s the one who wins the matches.  Cam’ron and Naomi get into a huge argument in public.

Cam’ron and Naomi continue to argue. Cam’ron tries to walk away, but Naomi pushes her away. Cam’ron and Naomi get into each other’s faces and almost get into a fight.

Natalya ends up going out with Jaret, who sets up a private date with her in a restaurant.

Natalya vents to Jaret and Jaret tells her that Tyson Kidd is not her only option. Jaret tries to tell Natalya that she needs to get someone to treat her like a Princess. Jaret claims that he has a better connection with her than Tyson. Jaret confesses his feelings for Natalya while Natalya just laughs nervously.

The Bella Twins and Bella Bro visit The Bella Dad. Nikki reluctantly hugs her Dad. The Bella Dad asks Nikki what’s going on and Nikki tells her that her Dad is a selfish man that has been in and out of her life. Nikki says it hurt her that she never got the Father-Daughter relationship she saw others having.

Nikki vents about missing her Grandfather and how her Grandfather was more of a Father to her and Brie than her actual Dad. It hurt Nikki that he passed away because she actually envisioned her Grandfather walking her down the aisle one day. The Bella Dad apologizes and says he hates the way he handled things. The Bella Dad wants to try harder to be in their lives and they all agree to try harder.

Joan tells the Divas about their match tonight, but Naomi requests not to work with Cam’ron tonight. Cam’ron doesn’t want to work with her either. Naomi would rather start at the bottom and go solo than be famous than work with Cam’ron. Cam’ron calls Naomi unprofessional and the two get into an argument until Joan suggests a meeting at Stephanie McMahon.

Cam’ron tells Natalya and the other Divas about their upcoming meeting with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon tries to get Cam’ron and Naomi to be get on the same page. Cam’ron tells her side of the story and brings up Naomi shoved her. Naomi admits to pushing her and Stephanie McMahon tells her that is unacceptable. Stephanie tells her that when they are in public, they are WWE Divas. Stephanie decides to put them in singles competition anyway.

Brian Terwilliger informs Cam’ron and Naomi about their singles matches. It’s going to be Cam’ron vs. Aksana and Naomi vs. Alicia Fox.

Sandra tries to find out what happened between the Funkadactyls, but Naomi tells her to focus on the gear then walks off. Sandra says her gear will be affected by her attitude.

The Bella Twins watch their men wrestle in the ring and talk about how sexy their men look when wrestling.

Naomi has her match with Alicia Fox. Joan asks Natalya how she’s doing and Naomi looks winded. Naomi is shown missing a flying cross body, while Cam’ron has a giant grin on her face. Alicia Fox ends up getting the win.

It’s Cam’ron’s turn to face Aksana. It’s her first singles match and Naomi thinks Cam’rons going too fast and fumbling moves.

Naomi is right as Cam’ron ends up miscalculating as well and loses to Aksana.

Naomi and Cam’ron admit they didn’t like working without each other then patch things up.

So That Happened:

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