3 Count: MTV’s VMA Snubs

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
The Good, The Bad & The Cheesy

MTV had always had an interesting relationship with Professional Wrestling. They were an item with WWE during the Rock N’ Wrestling Era. Broke up with WWE somewhere between Golden Era and The New Generation (Despite The New Generation’s several attempts at music videos.) Got back together with WWE during The Attitude Era. Stuck around for a little while, even through the awkward times. Finally broke up with WWE and dated a younger, “cooler,” wrestling promotion called Wrestling Society X. Quickly broke up with WSX and had an on again/off again relationship with TNA. Had a fling with Lucha Libre USA. And finally, decided to just remain friends with wrestling thanks to their mutual friend, The Miz.

Tonight marks the 30th Anniversary the MTV’s Video Music Awards. Many of music’s top stars like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, N’Sync (Allegedly) and Drake, the heir to the Drake’s Cakes fortune, will be there to accept their awards and/or put on over-the-top performances of their hits. While MTV has spared no expense in bringing out the popular music artists of the year, they forgot  to recognize two wrestlers/musical acts. No, it’s not 3MB or Fozzy. We’re talking about these two!

Zack Ryder: Hoeski

Since 2012, Zack Ryder’s career has been on a downward spiral. However, in 2013, Ryder had a brief reassurance, when his single Hoeski, reached 92 on the iTunes Top 100 charts. Hoeski was so successful, that Ryder even put out a music video to go along with the catchy tune.

As we discussed in great detail, the Hoeski video is a great parody of several boyband cliches. And since it was already snubbed from the Grammy’s, we were hoping that MTV would do the right thing and give Ryder the opportunity to be the first WWE Superstar to win a Moon Man. Best Pop Video? Artist To Watch? Best Video With A Social Message? Ryder’s not nominated for any of these? Are You Serious Bro?

But it’s okay, Zack. We at Three Man Booth are here to help. We’d like to present you with the first ever: Max Moonman for “Best New Artist” and “Best Use Of Vernacular For Dissing Your Ex.”

Congratulations, Broski on your receiving the first ever Max Moonman! Hopefully, this will lead to bigger accomplishments in your future!

Mickie James: Somebody’s Gonna Pay

Mickie James embraced her inner Y2J and found a balance between pro-wrestling and music. This year,  has transformed herself from a Bubbly Knockout to the Heartbreakin’, History Makin’, Knockouts Champion and released her 2nd album and single, Somebody’s Gonna Pay, on May 7th. The single reached #15 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and released a music video, full of cameo appearances from TNA Wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett and Magnus and WWE Hall-Of-Famer/Former Stalk-ee:  Trish Stratus.

Unfortunately for Mickie, MTV doesn’t really focus on Country Music unless your name is Taylor Swift, so her music video for Somebody’s Gonna Pay was not nominated for any awards. Although, she could have been nominated for Best Female Video, Artist To Watch and Best Collaboration (Her and Trish? C’mon.)  But it’s okay, Mickie James. Who needs an MTV Moonman when you can have you very own Max Moonman!
Mickie James wins a Max Moonman for “Best Female Video,” “Best Collaboration”. and “Best Way To Make Somebody Pay.”
Congratulations, Mickie! Keep breaking hearts and making history on tour and every week once in a while on TNA iMPACT.
Once again, congrats to Zack Ryder and Mickie James on receiving the first ever Three Man Booth: Max Moonmen. MTV might not appreciate your music video efforts, but we do.
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