Snapshots: The Consequences of Best vs Beast

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One of the highly anticipated matches at this year’s SummerSlam is the battle of The Best in the World, CM Punk, versus The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. At the center of their issues Paul Heyman. Both former WWE Champions have been by Heyman during significant points in their careers. Since Brock’s return to the WWE, Heyman has been there for every negotiation. Heyman accompanied CM Punk to ringside during much of his 434 Day run as WWE Champion and his match against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. Heyman’s relationship to either Superstar has always seemed to blur the line between business and personal.

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Which is why the issue between Punk and Lesnar is so heated. Their dangerous alliance has always been tenuous at best; their mutual appreciation of Paul Heyman prevented either warrior from acting on their animosity. That is until CM Punk broke ties with Heyman professionally, no longer wanting him at ringside. Heyman decided to make the separation complete, unleashing Brock Lesnar to attack and F5 the Straight Edge Superstar. Now their collision is only hours away and questions loom regarding Paul Heyman, who arguably has the most to gain and lose in this match. If Lesnar wins, is there any chance of Punk mending fences to become a Paul Heyman guy again? If CM Punk wins, will Lesnar doubt his allegiance to Paul? Is that CM Punk’s ultimate payback?

While Paul Heyman is in the crosshairs in this battle, he’s not the only one. Another man must be just as conflicted: Mike aka “Brock Lesnar Guy.” He rose to WWE Superfan notoriety at the Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania 28; he was the only person in the American Airlines Arena more excited for Brock Lesnar’s return than Brock Lesnar.

Clearly, Mike is in the corner of Brock Lesnar, right? Well, there is photographic evidence that would lead you to the contrary. It turns out that Mike is also a CM Punk Guy!
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 Or maybe CM Punk is a Brock Lesnar Fan Guy, since we all know he’s not a Brock Lesnar Guy. Or maybe Mike is a Paul Heyman guy and he’s just hedging his bets. Either way, while the world is keeping one eye on “The Beast vs The Best” and another eye on Paul Heyman, we’ll be keeping another eye on Mike via his Twitter. We gotta make sure the Superfan is alright when the dust settles.
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