Highlight Reel: Summerfest

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

SummerSlam is this upcoming Sunday and boasts a line-up that includes Daniel Bryan versus John Cena for the WWE Championship and CM Punk versus Brock Lesnar in “The Best versus The Beast” showdown. Every year, there is no mistaking “The Biggest Block Party of the Summer.” Unless, of course, you’re Jeremy Piven. When the Entourage star was the Celebrity General Manager of Monday Night RAW in 2009, he was got in a verbal spat with the most must see Superstar in the WWE, The Miz. He tried to lay out the ultimatum, if The Miz didn’t win his match on RAW, he would be banned from SummerSlam, but he ended up saying something different:

And thus SummerFest was born! Jeremy Piven did his best to recover from his slip-up, on Live TV no less, including leaping from the top rope. But “SummerFest” became the moment of notoriety frm that RAW, upping the challenge each subsequent RAW Guest GM faced in winning over the WWE Universe. This moment has even been commemorated by BarbershopWindow, who designed a T-Shirt for the occasion:

Image Courtesy of BarbershopWindow.com

That T-Shirt, by the way, is now available in Navy, Pink, Lime and Yellow. Pick one up and let it serve as a reminder that a Pay-Per-View by any other name is not SummerSlam.

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