So That Happened: Total Divas (08/11/13)

Wrong recap, Dani.

The Bella Twins try to figure out the difference between Tree Cutting and Tree Trimming. I’m not making this up.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella discuss moving to Phoenix, Arizona in order to be closer to Brie’s dog Josie. Bryan asks Brie if she told Nikki about them moving to Phoenix. Brie says she’s afraid to tell Nikki, but Daniel gives Brie some advice on how to tell Nikki that they’re moving.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi talk about Naomi’s weave and the fact that Naomi isn’t wearing her engagement ring. Naomi says she took it off to clean it and forgot to put it back on.

Naomi apologizes makes up with Jimmy Uso. Jimmy Uso does what every fiancé would do, and starts biting Naomi’s butt.

Eva Marie and Jo Jo Train at NXT, but there’s only one Diva Wrestler everyone notices.

Eva Marie and Jo Jo practice the basics.

Jo Jo gets knocked down on hard after a bodyslam. The Doctor thinks she may have a concussion.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi have dinner. Jimmy confronts Naomi on not wearing her ring and Naomi tells him WWE’s rule about wanting the Divas to look single. Jimmy continues to give her a hard time.

While working out, Brie Bella breaks the news to Nikki Bella that she’s moving to Phoenix with Daniel Bryan. Nikki Bella is not happy about it and blames Daniel Bryan.

The Bella Twins are supposed to meet with a movie Producer. Brie Bella is late to the meeting. Nikki Bella is meeting with a movie producer. Brie is late and Nikki blames Daniel Bryan for it.

Brie Bella eventually makes it to the movie and The Bella Twins schmooze the movie producer.

JoJo spends the day with her first real boyfriend, Sebastian, who came to see her because of JoJo’s concussion.

The Bella Twins work out with Mark Shane. Brie tries to tell Nikki about the move and asks if Nikki wants to come help. Nikki takes her aggression out on the boxing gloves. Jo Jo tells Sebastian that she has to go to practice. Sebastian tries to make her choose between her and her job and claims this is way too much for him.

Sebastian and JoJo go back to the hotel room and Sebastian says this isn’t working out for him. Sebastian walks out on JoJo.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi are training. Once again, a Diva Wrestler steals the scene.

After some resistance, Naomi hits Jimmy Uso with a springboard leg drop!

Bill Demott asks Naomi about her recent indecisiveness, but Jimmy Uso beings venting about their engagement problems.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi take the argument to the car. Jimmy Uso says that her indecisiveness is getting in the way of her work, but Naomi is just trying to get her career going and wants to wait for the right timing.

JoJo talks to Eva Marie about Sebastian wanting her to quit wrestling for him.

Eva Marie thinks Sebastian is just being selfish and claims she wouldn’t stand in the way of her other half’s career.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are packing for Phoenix until Nikki Bella shows up with a box.

The Bella Twins talk about Camel Toe until Daniel and Brie go back to packing. Nikki Bella starts to complain about how long they’re taking. Brie Bella calls Nikki Bella out on her rudeness and tells her if she doesn’t want to be here, she should go.

Nikki Bella starts to complain about how selfish Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are and how stupid they are for getting Josie the dog. Nikki Bella leaves the house.

JoJo watches the other Divas train until Natalya shows up.

Jo Jo vents to Natalya about her problems with Jo Jo. Natalya pretty much tells Jo Jo that she might not make it in this company if she keeps holding on to Sebastian.

Jo Jo storms out. Natalya goes after her.

Natalya gives Jo Jo a hug and lets her know that whatever happens, she’ll be here for here.

John Cena and Nikki Bella talk about body imperfections, because you know…they look like the rest of us.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena about her issues with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. John Cena takes Bryan and Brie’s side, saying Bryan is not a bad guy and thinks Nikki is being selfish.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena that she took her anger out on Bryan because she’s going to miss her sister Brie. Cena explains to Nikki that she was making Bryan a Scapegoat (No pun intended.)

John Cena and Nikk Bella make up.

Naomi is on the couch watching TV and trying to ignore Jimmy Uso who just wants to talk. Jimmy snatches the remote from her and Naomi hides underneath the covers.

Jimmy Uso asks her about getting married again and Naomi snaps on him saying that she can’t have babies, be a wife and a kid right now and if he wants that, he needs to find someone else. Jimmy tells her if she’s nervous about marriage.

Jimmy Uso packs his bag, then tell Naomi that the job won’t always be here, but he will if she gives him a chance. Jimmy Uso knocks down a glass before leaving.

The Bella Twins apologize to each other. Brie tells Nikki that Daniel Bryan helped her see where Nikki was coming from.

Naomi talks to Natalya and The Bella Twins about her problems with Jimmy Uso.

Cam’ron walks in and reveals that not only does she have tonsillitis, but she has a UTI and a Yeast Infection from the antibiotics….Yeah.

Mark tells Naomi and Cam’ron about their match tonight: The Bellas and The Usos vs. Tons Of Funk!

The Match:

Nikki Bella starts to massage Brie Bella. Naomi takes out some frustration on Brie Bella.

Brie Bella tags in Jimmy Uso! Jimmy Uso and Naomi are having a staredown as Cam’ron explains the rules of a Mixed Tag Match to us. Naomi decides to hit a spinning hurricanrana anyway.

Naomi reveals that this was the most uncomfortable match of her life and that she needs to talk to Jimmy Uso.

Jo Jo tells Natalya and Cam’ron that she’s decided to breakup with Sebastian.

Cam’ron tracks down Naomi then the two discuss Naomi’s relationship with Jimmy Uso. Naomi reveals that she was cheated on in the past and is afraid to take that next step. Cam’ron tells Naomi that she needs to take that chance and she’ll never know if she won’t try.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso meet in the cafeteria.

Naomi apologizes and tells Jimmy Uso that she’s afraid of them failing. Jimmy Uso says the dude who cheated on Naomi made a mistake and that he wouldn’t go “eat a cheeseburger if he was having steak everynight.” Jimmy Uso continues to compare Naomi to food.

Naomi calls him a Chicken Nugget and the two kiss and make up.

So That Happened:

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