Highlight Reel: Birthday-amania

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

August 11 is an important day in professional wrestling history. No, it’s not Bret Hart’s birthday again. It is the birthday of another legend: Hulk Hogan. While he might not be the most technically proficient wrestler ever, he is most certainly one of the most recognizable wrestlers – if not the most recognizable wrestlers – of all time. Not only does he have a signature look (blonde handlebar mustache or blonde handlebar mustache with 5 o’clock shadow), but he also has a signature dance move, the cupping the hand to the ear thing. It was even utilized on the NBC comedy “Go On.” Sports Talk Show Radio Host Ryan King – played by Matthew Perry – “borrows” the radio station’s mascot and puts on an impromptu dance performance.

Not only is “the Hogan” a move that he brought to the mainstream, it’s also the highlight of the entire routine! You have to end with the Hogan; it leads right into the poses:

Image Courtesy of I Love Wrestling GIFs

The mustache, “The Hogan” and the pose-down are some of the essentials to any Hulk Hogan tribute. Drop a few “brothers” and “dudes” in your speech, toss on some red and yellow clothes that you will tear through with your bare hands and, when it comes crashing down, you’re a bonafide Hulkamaniac! Who knows, you might even get to meet Cyndi Lauper one day. As a cornerstone in the Rock n’ Wrestling connection, Lauper undoubtedly spent some time around Hogan, saying prayers and taking vitamins. VH1‘s Big Morning Buzz Live, no strangers to wrestling, staged a reunion between the two 80’s iconic characters.

Well, a reunion of sorts. Although Hogan has appeared on Big Morning Buzz Live before, he must have been unavailable. Luckily, Host Carrie Keagan has mini-Hulk ready to go at all times. He keeps a rip-able yellow tank top in his fanny pack just for the occasion. Mini or Mascot-ed, the power of Hulkamania shines through.

Happy Birthday, Hulk
Hope You Have a Great One, Brother!
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