So That Happened: Total Divas?

Last night, Total Divas debuted on the E! Network much to the chagrin of angry wrestling fans. Despite the snarkiness, over 1.3 million people watched Total Divas.

From the smart fans….

To Former WWE Superstars:

And even celebrities!

Bottom line is, everyone was watching Total Divas!

Well, almost everyone. But WWE! (The team of WWE and E! together) has to be happy with the results. E! was so excited, they they even did their own version of a “So That Happened” recap. We’re not gonna say E!’s version of STH was bad, but it was a good first start. However, if E! is going to do this full time, we’d like to give them a little advice.

1. Please Get Better Screengrabs. You’re E! You Have An Actual Copy Of The Show. 

Courtesy of E!
2. Please Continue To Make Gifs Like This One.

Courtesy of E!
3. Please Step Your Meme Game Up. Quoting the show does NOT make it a Meme.

Courtesy of E!
If you’re gonna do Meme’s, go all the way like Overly Optimistic Natalya.

4.  Please! More Daniel Bryan!

Gif courtesy of Letty-P

5. Please Show Us Your Tweets!

Total Divas was trending worldwide last night. And since we’re taking a whole Never Before, Never Again stance on recapping Total Divas, we give E! (And only E!) full permission to borrow our Twitter Wall.

Here’s some of the tweets you missed:

Eva Marie and JoJo:

The Almost Fight Between Brodus Clay and Vincent:

Poor Natayla:

Cameron and Naomi’s Fight:

John Cena and Nikki Bella:

The Divas Match Being Cut From Wrestlemania:

Layla’s Surprise Cameo:

And last, but not least, Daniel Bryan: 

Courtesy of Tumblr

So That Happened:

And that’s how it’s done. Keep up the good work, WWE! You’ve got millions of fans hooked on Total Divas. Just please. More Daniel Bryan next time.

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